2021 Big Ten Rankings


149 got all sorts of jumbled up with a couple of upsets and the introduction of Ridge Lovett and Beau Bartlett. Peyton Omania pulled off the biggest upset with a 15-8 win over Kanen Storr. That dropped Storr two spots and raised Omania two spots. Lovett comes in one spot ahead of Omania because he majored him a few weeks ago. Michael Blockhus pulled off two upsets over Yahya Thomas and Drew Scharenbrock. His wins were enough to jump him five spots, but Thomas stays ahead with multiple other common opponent victories. 

Beau Bartlett is the other new face in the 149 rankings. While neither of them was Michael North, Bartlett did beat two Maryland 49s, so he gets to go ahead of North. However, Scharenbrock's win over Brock Hardy keeps him above Bartlett.

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