2020-21 Women's Multi-Division College Rankings

109 Pounds

This ranking was produced by a ranking team working with AmericanWomensWrestling.com for FloWrestling & AWW. The team includes AWW staff and several coaches representing both NAIA & NCAA programs.

What is a “multi-divisional ranking?” It’s the mother of all women’s college rankings, that’s what it is! With the advent of the multi-divisional scene in women’s college wrestling—the NAIA, NJCAA, NCWA & NCAA programs now have multiple national championships and the WCWA has only partial participation—we might lose sight of how all these women stack up against each other. The multi-divisional rankings take all of women’s college wrestling and combines it into one Top 25 ranking. It’s an accomplishment to make a list like this as the depth in women’s college wrestling has grown immensely in recent years. Combining all four divisions, there are now well over 100 college programs and clubs for women’s wrestling.

The rankings below take into account all women’s college national championships—the WCWA, NAIA, NCWA, and the event launched last year for NCAA programs, the National Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Championships. It also takes duals into account, though some duals might escape our notice due to the difficulty of finding results online.

Please note: Rankings are not predictive. They are based on results. While we know there are many incoming freshmen that are rank-worthy, we do not rank them until they have college results.

Rankings are never perfect and though we try to base them primarily on results, there is always some subjectivity along with difficult scenarios where a number of common opponents have mixed results. Think we blundered something? Let us know! Email: info@americanwomenswrestling.com

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