2019-20 Pennsylvania High School Rankings - AA

PIAA: AA 106-Pounds

By Paul Myers (emailupjmyers@yahoo.com; Twitter: @PaulDavidMyers)

As this is only a top returner ranking to begin the season, there will be no incoming first-year varsity guys in here yet (freshmen/sophomores with no varsity experience). Also, that being said, rankings went by where they finished last year at the state level, with general opinion thereafter. Some weights the top 20 guys were pretty straight forward. In other weights, with a bulk of the guys being seniors last year, some of the weights start to get watered down, but it's still PA so they are plenty capable on the mat. We are looking forward to a great season and will start with a basic outlook into what we can expect from guys we’ve seen in the past. 

Hope you enjoy!

Starting off at 106, all 20 state qualifiers returning this was a pretty straight-up weight class to rank. Although I would imagine most of these guys will start the season off at a higher weight, there will still be a few that stay down. Will Steen stay at 106 after making the weight at Super 32? I thought Seymour was huge for the weight last year and Haines and Burkett were at 120 for Super 32, so it remains to be seen where the top guys will end up. There will also be a heavy freshman presence here moving forward, as there always is at the lighter weights.  

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