2019-20 Pennsylvania High School Rankings - AA

PIAA: AA 113-Pounds

The PIAA State Championships wrapped up three months ago. Unfortunately, it was one of the last events prior to the country shutting down. The bow never got wrapped on the 2019-20 season with the PIAA rankings. This final edition will lay the groundwork for the 2020-21 preseason rankings. In addition to a final ranking at each weight class a pound for pound ranking has been added to spur your debates. Rankings reflect the placement in Hershey with subjective rankings starting after the medalists.

Gary Steen (Reynolds) took the rubber match over Brett Ungar (Notre Dame) in Friday night’s semifinal in UTB. He had to work equally hard to knock off Joey Fischer in the final in SV. The debate between Fischer and Ungar would be a good one to take on, you can see my position in the pound for pound rankings.

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