2019-20 Pennsylvania High School Rankings - AAA

PIAA: AAA 106-Pounds

By Paul Myers (emailupjmyers@yahoo.com; Twitter: @PaulDavidMyers)

As this is only a top returner ranking to begin the season, there will be no incoming first-year varsity guys in here yet (freshmen/sophomores with no varsity experience). Also, that being said, rankings went by where they finished last year at the state level, with general opinion thereafter. Some weights the top 20 guys were pretty straight forward. In other weights, with a bulk of the guys being seniors last year, some of the weights start to get watered down, but it's still PA so they are plenty capable on the mat. We are looking forward to a great season and will start with a basic outlook into what we can expect from guys we’ve seen in the past. 

Hope you enjoy!

Pretty straightforward here at 106 with all but one returning and all of the place winners. Dibert and Chappell go back and forth so it’ll be fun to watch a few times a year if they’re both back at the same weight. This is a very deep weight class that will continue its depth once we add freshmen and such in, so it should be fun to watch. Sean Logue joins the rankings at 20 after having a great season. This weight has a great taste of east vs west PA all throughout. Dibert and Hauserman are both ranked in the country at 113, #5 and #15 respectively, with Chappell right in the mix as well.

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