2019 International Rankings - Men's Freestyle

P4P Abdulrashid Sadulaev (RUS)

P4P rankings are inherently subjective, so your mileage may vary. Be that as it may, any ranking that doesn't have Sadulaev at #1 is incorrect. 

Sidakov sits at two. He doesn't have as many marquee wins as some of the other members of this list, but he is young, so give him time. Dake has been untouchable at 79. Will that trend continue when he moves to an Olympic weight is the question. 

Geno's threepeat separates him from his rival Taha and from the other champs ranked below him. Cox has kept Dake and Taylor (who would be ranked if he weren't injured) slides in just ahead of Petriashvili. 

Hassan Yazdani won gold but he is still 0-2 against David Taylor, who is not on the list due to injury. Jordan Burroughs, who has a winning record over David Taylor and Frank Chamizo, stays above Yazdani for this reason, despite his second consecutive loss to Sidakov.

Rashidov's first world gold shoots him up to #8. Sharifov's victory over Snyder propels him up the rankings. Conversely, Kyle and Taha drop as a result of their losses. 

Muszukajev was a revelation in Nur-Sultan, as was Baev. They both make debuts in the P4P rankings. As does Atli, who won his second consecutive world medal at 57kg. 

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