2019 International Rankings - Men's Freestyle

86 KG Hassan Yazdani (IRI)


With David Taylor is still recovering from an injury, there is no one to stop Yazdani from running roughshod over the entire weight class. But after Yazdani, things get a little messy. 

Amine ran the gauntlet to a fifth-place finish, beating Shabanov, Takatani, Dudarov and Torreblanca to move up to #6, losing only to the top to wrestlers in the weight class, Yazdani and Naifonov. 

Shapiev (who recently lost to Nate Jackson) and Dudarov had quality results from Kazakhstan, and move up as a result. Meanwhile, Gostiev and Baranowski (who lost to Pat Downey),  disappointed and move down. 

Erdin plummets after a loss to Friev, who lost to Reichmuth, who lost to Deepak Punia. Erdin brings Yasar and Suleymanov down with him. Pat Downey moves up to just on the bubble and outside the top 20. 

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