2019 International Rankings - Men's Freestyle

Rashidov Remains #1 At 61kg

By Seth Petarra (@SethPetar)

Returning world runner-up #1 Gadzhimurad Rashidov (RUS) cemented his spot in Budapest with a 2-1 win over Russian National champ #2 Magomedrasul Idrisov (RUS) in the Ziolkowski on his way to his fourth international title this season. 

#5 Beka Lomtadze (GEO) took a loss up at 65 KG to Jaydin Eierman (USA) but it will not affect his position in the 61 KG rankings. #6 Akhmednabi Gvarzatilov (AZE) won the Korkin over #10 Tuvshintulga Tumenbileg (MGL) in his return to action after having had been out for the past 5 months after suffering a knee injury at the World Cup in April. 

#9 Zelimkhan Abakarov (RUS) won the Medved with a 10-0 win in the finals over Joe Colon (USA), along the way he also teched European bronze medalist #14 Recep Topal (TUR). #16 Abasgadzhi Magomedov (RUS) looked utterly dominant on his way to winning his first junior world title. 

There was some movement on the bottom half of the top 10 and along with some new additions so let’s cover that. #12 Nyurgun Skryabin (BLR) made the move up to 65 KG where he’ll be the Belarusian world rep in Budapest. So far this year he DNP’d at the Yasar Dogu after a loss in the quarters to Hassan Moradgholi (IRI) and was bronze at the Medved after beating Georgi Kaliev (BLR). 

#10 Vladimir Dubov (BUL) drops down five spots to #15 in the rankings and that’s due to the fact that he’s not any notched any ranked wins this year and took losses to then-unranked Recep Topal (TUR) at Euros in May and then lost to Cory Clark (USA) at the Ziolkowski in September. So while Dubov’s overall body of work is good enough to keep him on the lower half of the rankings, his lack of good wins this year plus his tendency to drop matches will limit his upward mobility. 

Yakhkeshi beat Bekrenev in the semis of the Yasar Dogu, Bekrenev beat Topal at Yasar Dogu quarters, Topal beat Dubov and Skryabin at Euros which is what got him ranked in the first place, and while Abasgadzhi Magomedov (RUS) has a really nice win over #2(57) Yuki Takahashi (JPN) last year at the Yarygin it doesn’t really make up for the fact that the rest of his resume is largely comprised of age group level wins along with some wins over middle tier Russians. 

Cory Clark (USA) gets in at #19 in the rankings after a bronze medal finish at the Ziolkowski that saw him notch a 10-6 win over former #10 Vladimir Dubov (BUL). Georgi Vangelov (BUL) is in at #20 for his body of work at 57 KG (wins over #8 Artem Gebek and #9(61) Suleyman Atli) and his title at the Macedonian Pearl but unable to debut higher due to his inactivity. 

#17 Eduard Grigorev (RUS) won a University world title over Raimu Maeda (JPN).

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