2023-24 Pound-For-Pound Women's College Rankings

2023-24 Pound-For-Pound Women's College Rankings

The college season is underway with Iowa programs occupying five of the top 10 spots in the women’s college pound-for-pound rankings. William Penn’s Adaugo Nwachukwu retains her #1 spot while her teammate Mia Palumbo is #10.

Iowa has eight wrestlers in the top 25 and three in the top 10, which is the most of any school. 

Those who have competed in at least one sanctioned college match are eligible to be ranked, which is why several top names with eligibility are not included. Off-season results factor into this ranking since women’s college wrestling uses freestyle rules. 

This is a collaboration between FloWrestling and American Women’s Wrestling.

1Adaugo NwachukwuWilliam Penn143JRNAIA
2Kylie WelkerIowa170FRNCAA
3Alexis JaniakAurora130SONCAA
4Felicity TaylorIowa123SRNCAA
5Marlynne DeedeIowa155SRNCAA
6Amani JonesNorth Central123JRNCAA
7Victoria Baez-DilloneKing130JRNCAA
8Samara ChavezKing116JRNCAA
9 Reese LarramendyIowa143FRNCAA
10Mia PalumboWilliam Penn109JRNAIA
11Carolina MorenoSouthern Oregon130JRNAIA
12Yele AycockNorth Central136JRNCAA
13Cheyenne BowmanKing155JRNCAA
14Sterling DiasIowa101FRNCAA
15Emilie GonzalezIowa101FRNCAA
16Caitlyn DavisSouthern Oregon155SONAIA
17Brianna GonzalezIowa116FRNCAA
18Sydney PetzingerNorth Central116JRNCAA
19Latifah McBrydeLife155SONAIA
20Mea MohlerTexas Wesleyan143JRNAIA
21Cristelle RodriguezDoane123JRNAIA
22Esther HanIowa136FRNCAA
23Montana DelawderKing123JRNCAA
24Virginia FoardKing123FRNCAA
25London HoustonNorth Central155SONCAA