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The Bader Show | Myles Amine

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The Bader Show | Myles Amine (Ep. 258)

Dec 21, 2021

Olympic bronze medalist and Michigan star Myles Amine joins The Bader Show to discuss the upcoming Arizona State vs Michigan dual on January 3 in Austin, Texas. 

0:00: Time flies.

2:00: Early memories of wrestling.

8:00: Father-son wrestling relationship.

12:00: Triple overtime in the state finals.

15:00: Wrestling for Michigan.

20:30: Wrestling for San Marino.

25:00: European Championships.

27:00: World and Olympic dreams.

31:00: The Olympic experience.

34:00: Olympic bronze medalist.

36:00: Final season at Michigan.

38:00: How did Nick Suriano land in Michigan?

50:00: Sweat it out.

55:00: Wins and whoopins