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Clarissa Chun | The Bader Show

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Clarissa Chun | The Bader Show (Ep. 250)

Nov 23, 2021

Iowa women's coach Clarissa joins The Bader Show to discuss her historic new role. 

0:00: Introducing Clarissa Chun.

1:00: Women’s wrestling landscape.

5:00: Competing for Missouri Valley

8:00: Transitioning to coaching.

10:00: Development as a coach.

13:00: Buzz about the Iowa job.

16:00: The Iowa application process.

19:00: Vision for the Iowa program.

23:00: Difference at USA Wrestling and Iowa.

26:00: Building a relationship with Terry Brands.

28:00: Snapshot of two wrestling programs at Iowa.

30:00: Recruiting process.

31:30: Building a staff.

34:00: Talks of other women’s programs adding wrestling.

37:00: Standing ovations.

40:00: Sweat it out.

44:00: Clarissa’s recruiting pitch.