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The Bader Show | Brandon Courtney

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The Bader Show | Brandon Courtney (Ep. 257)

Dec 15, 2021

Arizona State national finalist Brandon Courtney joins The Bader Show.

0:00: Egg nog and Bon Jovi.

1:00: Brandon Courtney’s formative years.

4:00: Having wrestling success.

5:00: Go-to wrestling moves.

7:00: High school goals.

10:00: Folkstyle-Freestyle debate

12:00: Recruiting calls.

13:30: Lee Pritts is crazy.

16:30: Vision for the program.

20:00: Preparing for Spencer Lee.

22:00: Arizona State vs. Michigan in Austin, Texas.

25:00: Sweat it out.

28:30: Wins and whoopins.