picture of The Story Of Cary Kolat

Cary Kolat was the greatest high school wrestler of all time, an amazing college wrestler and a successful international wrestler who doesn't have the accolades to prove it. Dive into the mind of one of the greatest wrestlers in United States History.

The Story of Cary Kolat (Episode 3)

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The Story of Cary Kolat (Episode 3)

Oct 14, 2015

Despite not being happy with what he accomplished in the sport of wrestling, Kolat couldn't love the sport more than he does, and doesn't regret a thing about giving his life to it. In the bonus episode of 'The Story of Cary Kolat' Kolat reflects on his wrestling career, and answers some questions we had from the first two episodes. Kolat finally reveals why he left Penn State, and the story behind him wrestling at Midlands and cementing his legend as the greatest high school wrestler of all-time.