picture of The Story Of Cary Kolat

Cary Kolat was the greatest high school wrestler of all time, an amazing college wrestler and a successful international wrestler who doesn't have the accolades to prove it. Dive into the mind of one of the greatest wrestlers in United States History.


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The Story of Cary Kolat (Episode 2)

Oct 7, 2015

After finishing his decorated collegiate career, Cary Kolat couldn't wait to begin competing for World and Olympic titles. Just a year removed from college Kolat made his first world team, and it was there that he would experience his first international controversy. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be the last time Kolat was mixed up in the middle of a controversial ruling. Every World and Olympic games, Kolat was placed in the middle of controversy and corruption. Despite an incredibly accomplished career, Kolat never accomplished the one thing he set out to do: win a World Championship. To this day, Kolat is not satisfied.