Walsh Ironman 2021

Full And Complete Ironman Preview & Predictions

Full And Complete Ironman Preview & Predictions

It's Ironman season! Here is our preview of every weight complete with predictions for the top eight.

Dec 9, 2021 by David Bray

Ironman is so close you can taste it! This year's field includes over 80 ranked wrestlers and many of the nation's toughest teams. Here is our preview of every weight class with top 8 predictions for each bracket.

106 lbs

With five of the nation’s top ten, and more hungry guys just outside the top 20, we have no shortage of title contenders at the smallest weight. #3 Christian Forbes is the elder statesman of the group. As a senior, he’s been turning in high-quality results at this weight for years and finished fourth in Fargo this summer. 

He’s ranked one spot behind #2 Beric Jordan who was up at 113 for Super 32. Last year’s NHSCA champ will look to add an Ironman title to his trophy case this weekend.

The next three, #6 Seth Mendoza, #7 Nathan Desmond, and #9 Cooper Hilton are all freshmen. The trio was 4th, 6th, and 7th respectively at Super 32. The only meeting between that group at Super 32 was a quarterfinal between Mendoza and Hilton. Mendoza got the 1-0 victory reversing the result of their best of three series at the U15 trials last spring. Ironman is a tournament where freshmen look to establish themselves as title contenders, and that could certainly happen this weekend.

Prediction: 1) Beric Jordan 2) Christian Forbes 3) Seth Mendoza 4) Nathan Desmond 5) Cooper Hilton 6) Anthony Mutarelli 7) Javaan Yarbrough 8) Ayden Smith


1 - #7 Nathan Desmond, Bethlehem Catholic, PA

2 - #2 Beric Jordan, Graham, OH

3 - #6 Seth Mendoza, Mt. Carmel, IL

4 - #9 Cooper Hilton, Wyoming Seminary (PA), PA

5 - #3 Christian Forbes, Broken Arrow, OK

6 - HM Anthony Mutarelli, Malvern Prep, PA

7 - HM Javaan Yarbrough, Copley, OH

8 - Ayden Smith, Notre Dame, PA

9 - John Green, Aurora, OH

10 - Roman Lermer, Tampa Jesuit, FL

11 - Cole Evans, Perrysburg, OH

12 - Deven Casey, Aurora Christian, IL

13 - Devon Harrison, Liberty, MO

14 - Gunner Havens, Teays Valley, OH

15 - Ayden Thomas, Stillwater, OK

16 - Adam Butler, St. Edward, OH

113 lbs

#2 Luke Lilledahl and #5 Leo DeLuca were a weightclass apart at Who’s Number One, and now they’re the two highest ranked wrestlers in a very tough bracket at 113 lbs. If they meet, this could begin a season-long series that could culminate at National Preps in February.

Looking to spoil that party will be ranked wrestlers #6 Hunter Taylor, #8 Marcus Blaze, #12 Codie Cuerbo, and #16 Draegen Orine along with Ethan Rivera and Tommy Link who are also extremely tough.

Lilledahl and DeLuca are key young members of new coaching eras at Wyoming Seminary and Blair Academy, respectively. Lilledahl joined Sem from Christian Brothers in Missouri, following Cornell Robinson to his new home. DeLuca is a Blair freshman alongside new Head Coach Ross Gitomer.

The third highest ranked wrestler, Hunter Taylor, is up from 106 lbs where he was a Fargo champ this summer. Marcus Blaze rounds out the top 10 wrestlers at this weight. He’s coming off a 5th place performance at Super 32 and could win this whole bracket.

Predictions: 1) Luke Lilledal 2) Leo DeLuca 3) Marcus Blaze 4) Hunter Taylor 5) Codie Cuerbo 6) Draegen Orine 7) Tommy Link 8) Ethan Rivera


1 - #2 Luke Lilledahl, Wyoming Seminary (PA), PA

2 - #8 Marcus Blaze, Perrysburg, OH

3 - #5 Leo DeLuca, Blair Academy, NJ

4 - #16 Draegen Orine, Seckman, MO

5 - #12 Codie Cuerbo, Aurora, OH

6 - #6 Hunter Taylor, Liberty, MO

7 - HM Ethan Rivera, Lake Highland Prep, FL

8 - Matthew Martino, Bishop Kelly, ID

9 - HM Thomas Link, Malvern Prep, PA

10 - Wyatt Richter, St. Edward, OH

11 - Eli Campbell, Legacy Christian Academy, OH

12 - Damian Resendez, Mt. Carmel, IL

13 - Tyler Washburn, Palmetto Ridge, FL

14 - Jaxson Rosselli, Olentangy Liberty, OH

15 - Gabe Fontanez, Stillwater, OK

16 - Billy Smith, Perkins, OH

120 lbs

Marc-Anthony McGowan is the second-ranked 120-pounder in the country and the favorite to win this weight class. He’ll have no shortage of game challengers, however, as #5 Zan Fugitt, #6 Dillon Campbell, #8 Ben Davino, #11 Kael Lauridsen, and #20 Jack Consiglio are also throwing their hats in the ring. Several honorable mention selections will also add depth, and it will be especially interesting to see how Preseason Nationals champion Brandon Cannon will do at his toughest tournament since his return to the mat after an incredible battle with cancer.

Of this group, Ben Davino poses one of the most interesting threats. In his Super 32 quarterfinal against #1 Nate Jesuoga, Davino got out to a 4-0 lead at the end of the first period. Ultimately, Jesuroga would come back for a sudden-victory win, but Davino proved that he’s ready to contend for the top spot in the country. Unfortunately for Davino, he also lost in the following round at Super 32 and fell short of the podium, an honor that #5 Zan Fugitt and #6 Dillon Campbell, two more contenders, achieved.

Nate Jesuroga and Ben Davino's overtime thriller


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#11 Kael Lauridsen is also fascinating here. The Nebraska prep is an international styles specialist and poses big move threats any time he’s on the mat. He could make life miserable for anyone in the field.

Prediction: 1) Marc-Anthony McGowan 2) Ben Davino 3) Zan Fugitt 4) Dillon Campbell 5) Kael Lauridsen 6) Brandon Cannon 7) Jack Consiglio 8) Jaxon Joy


1 - #2 Marc-Anthony McGowan, Blair Academy, NJ

2 - #5 Zan Fugitt, Nixa, MO

3 - #6 Dillon Campbell, Legacy Christian Academy, OH

4 - #11 Kael Lauridsen, Bennington, NE

5 - HM Brandon Cannon, Ponderosa, CO

6 - #8 Benjamin Davino, St. Charles East, IL

7 - #20 Jack Consiglio, Malvern Prep, PA

8 - HM Jaxon Joy, Wadsworth, OH

9 - Brendan McCrone, Lake Catholic, OH

10 - HM Sam Smith, Stillwater, OK

11 - HM Peyton Fenton, Elyria HS, OH

12 - Damion Ryan, Centerville, OH

13 - HM Gabe Giampietro, Smyrna, DE

14 - Cael McIntyre, Bethlehem Catholic, PA

15 - Austin McBurney, Massillon Perry, OH

16 - Phoenix Contos, Genoa, OH

126 lbs

The top three seeds here are all from Illinois, and they all have recent history. #4 Kannon Webster and #5 Vincent Robinson met in both the quarterfinals and the 3rd place match at Super 32, and Webster won both times. Robinson earned his ticket to that third-place match with a victory over #6 Sergio Lemley. All three of those guys are capable of winning this bracket.

Kannon Webster & Vincent Robinson's Super 32 quarterfinal


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The title contender list doesn't stop after the top three guys. #10 Omar Ayoub, #14 Gabe Whisenhunt, #17 Nick O'Neil, and #18 Matty Lopes are all legit. None of them met at Super 32 although O'Neil does have recent victories over Lopes.

There's a hungry pack of guys just outside the rankings that could make a big impact at 126 lbs as well.

Prediction: 1) Kannon Webster 2) Vincent Robinson 3) Gabe Whisenhunt 4) Sergio Lemley 5) Omar Ayoub 6) Nick O’Neil 7) Matty Lopes 8) JJ McComas


1 - #4 Kannon Webster, Washington Community, IL

2 - #5 Vincent Robinson, Homewood-Flossmoor, IL

3 - #6 Sergio Lemley, Mt. Carmel, IL

4 - #14 Gabe Whisenhunt, Crescent Valley, OR

5 - #10 Omar Ayoub, Dublin Coffman, OH

6 - HM Clayton Giddens-Buttram, Bixby, OK

7 - #17 Nick O'neill, Malvern Prep, PA

8 - #18 Matty Lopes, Blair Academy, NJ

9 - HM Luke Poore, Caravel Academy, DE

10 - HM JJ McComas, Stillwater, OK

11 - HM Ryan Bennett, St. Edward, OH

12 - HM Jacob Myers, Ponderosa, CO

13 - HM Joey Fernau, Aurora Christian, IL

14 - HM Cael Keck, Park Hill, MO

15 - HM Jackson Bond, Baylor School, TN

16 - Mason Brugh, Wadsworth, OH

132 lbs

#2 Nasir Bailey has put together a strong summer and spring. He was a Fargo champ in July in a very deep weight class and won one of the toughest Grappler Fall Classic brackets in October. He's the favorite, and his range of leg attacks makes him tough for anyone in the country to handle.

Bailey is joined by #10 Mac Church, #11 Eligh Rivera, #15 DJ Gillett, #16 Chris Coates, and #19 Brandan Chletsos. Church and Rivera were the 6th and 7th respectively at Super 32 and will look to build on their momentum from that event. This bracket should be a whole lot of fun.
Prediction: 1) Nasir Bailey 2) Mac Church 3) Brandan Chletsos 4) Chris Coates 5) Jake Niffenegger 6) DJ Gillett 7) Spencer Barnhart 8) Braden Basile


1 - #2 Nasir Bailey, Rich Township, IL

2 - #10 Mac Church, Waynesburg Central, PA

3 - #16 Chris Coates, Liberty, MO

4 - HM Jake Niffenegger, La Salle, OH

5 - #19 Brandan Chletsos, Notre Dame, PA

6 - HM Braden Basile, Tampa Jesuit, FL

7 - HM Spencer Barnhart, Malvern Prep, PA

8 - #15 DJ Gillett, Crescent Valley, OR

9 - HM Jakob Romero, Pomona, CO

10 - Brady Conlin, Lake Highland Prep, FL

11 - HM Christopher Martino, Bishop Kelly, ID

12 - Jeremy Ginter, Whitmer, OH

13 - Pablo Castro, Louisville, OH

14 - Ty Wilson, Dublin Scioto, OH

15 - David McClelland, St. Francis Desales, OH

16 - HM Ayson Rice, Canton, SD

138 lbs

The #1 seed here is PJ Duke, the former #1 ranked wrestler in the country at 126 pounds. He earned that ranking by winning Super 32 at the weight. Now he's up two brackets and trying to establish himself at the bigger weight.

The two biggest challengers are #7 Tom Crook and #8 Tyler Kasak. Crook was 4th at Super 32, and Kasak was 5th, but the two didn't cross paths.

The honorable mention crop at 138 lbs is strong with Niffenegger and Van Hoecke leading the charge. The back half of this podium is very challenging to predict.

Prediction: 1) PJ Duke 2) Tyler Kasak 3) Tom Crook 4)Brennan Van Hoeke 5) Eligh Rivera 6) Cam Lacure 7) Kai Owen 8) Jace Roller


1 - #4 PJ Duke, Minisink Valley, NY

2 - #7 Tom Crook, Tampa Jesuit, FL

3 - #8 Tyler Kasak, Bethlehem Catholic, PA

4 - #11 Eligh Rivera, Lake Highland Prep, FL

5 - HM Brennan Van Hoecke, Palmetto Ridge, FL

6 - HM Sam Cartella, Western Reserve Academy, OH

7 - HM Camron Lacure, Legacy Christian Academy, OH

8 - HM Kai Owen, Wyoming Seminary (PA), PA

9 - HM Jace Roller, Bixby, OK

10 - HM Nate Burnett, Elyria HS, OH

11 - HM Ismael Ayoub, Dublin Coffman, OH

12 - Easton Hilton, Liberty, MO

13 - Patrick Jordon, New Kent, VA

14 - HM Dy`Vaire VanDyke, Walsh Jesuit, OH

15 - Paul Ognissanti, Blair Academy, NJ

16 - Elijah Olguin, Pomona, CO

144 lbs

The top seed here is Cadet World champ Meyer Shapiro who will appear on a national stage for Wyoming Seminary for the first time. His power, quickness, and positional savviness make him the favorite.

A couple of ranked Floridians in #6 Jack Crook and #6 (138) Danny Nini pose threats to Shapiro as do Perrysburg's #11 Joey Blaze and Hill School's #12 Kelvin Griffin. Blaze finished 5th at Super 32. Kelvin Griffin went 5-2 in the same bracket but is coming off a Germantown title that included a finals victory over Fargo champ #13 William Henckel who is also in this bracket.

Liberty, Missouri's Kyle Dutton hit a bump in the road last week at the Dan Gable Donnybrook, but he is very capable of going on a run at Ironman alongside guys like Kal Miller, Justin Bartee, Reed Fulmer, and Weston Dalton.

Predictions: 1) Danny Nini 2) Joey Blaze 3) Kelvin Griffin 4) William Henckel 5) Jack Crook 6) Kyle Dutton 7) Garrison Dendy 8) Weston Dalton


1 - #6 Danny Nini, Lake Highland Prep, FL

2 - #15 Garrison Dendy, Baylor School, TN

3 - #11 Joey Blaze, Perrysburg, OH

4 - HM Kyle Dutton, Liberty, MO

5 - #12 Kelvin Griffin, Hill School, PA

6 - HM Kal Miller, Park Hill, MO

7 - #6 Jack Crook, Tampa Jesuit, FL

8 - HM Justin Bartee, Point Pleasant, WV

9 - HM Weston Dalton, Pueblo East, CO

10 - Colin Dupill, Greeneville, TN

11 - Thomas Snipes, Hillcrest, SC

12 - #13 William Henckel, Blair Academy, NJ

13 - Nolan Gessler, Graham, OH

14 - HM Evan Holloway, New Kent, VA

15 - Ethan Birden, Dublin Coffman, OH

16 - Ryan Vigil, Broomfield, CO

150 lbs

#4 Daniel Cardenas is the top seed here. He wasn't able to compete at Super 32 but had an undefeated weekend at NHSCA Duals. #6 Richard Fedalen and #9 Gavin Brown were 4th and 6th respectively at 145 lbs. Any one of them could win this entire bracket although Cardenas is the clear favorite.

A number of solid guys just outside the top 20 could make some noise here as well. Kael Voinovich will represent his new team of Stillwater in his old state of Ohio. Malvern Prep freshman Duncan Chistensen will also look to make a splash.

Prediction: 1) Daniel Cardenas 2) Richard Fedalen 3) Gavin Brown 4) Ethan Mojena 5) Kael Voinovich 6) Braden Stauffenberg 7) Logan Rathjen 8) Derek Raike


1 - #4 Daniel Cardenas, Pomona, CO

2 - #5 Richard Fedalen, McDonogh School, MD

3 - #9 Gavin Brown, Legacy Christian Academy, OH

4 - HM Kael Voinovich, Stillwater, OK

5 - #16 Ethan Mojena, Lake Highland Prep, FL

6 - HM Derek Raike, Point Pleasant, WV

7 - Logan Rathjen, Liberty, MO

8 - HM Braden Stauffenberg, Aurora Christian, IL

9 - Christopher Earnest, Wadsworth, OH

10 - Eric Tigue, Minisink Valley, NY

11 - Carson Miller, Palmetto Ridge, FL

12 - Wynton Denkins, Perrysburg, OH

13 - Sebastian Freeman, Pueblo East, CO

14 - Ethan Smith, Lake Catholic, OH

15 - Eddie Neitenbach, Buckeye, OH

16 - Garrett Washington, Bixby, OH

157 lbs

Sophomores #7 Angelo Ferrari and #10 Zack Ryder are two rising stars at this weight that, and if seeds hold, we'll see them square off in the finals. Ryder established himself as elite last spring and built on that reputation with a Fargo title in July. Ferrari had some good wins in his freshman year, but he really made a statement in October at Super 32. That potential finals match is very intriguing and feels like probably a one takedown match.

Navy commit #14 Nick Vafiadis and Wyonming commit #17 Logan Ours are also ranked here and should certainly place high here. Fans should also be on the lookout for Connor Euton, Brendon Abdon, Alex Poore, and Murphy Menke to do damage.

Predictions: 1) Angelo Ferrari 2) Zack Ryder 3) Nick Vafiadis 4) Logan Ours 5) Brendon Abdon 6) Murphy Menke 7) Alex Poore 8) Connor Euton


1 - #7 Angelo Ferrari, Stillwater, OK

2 - #10 Zack Ryder, Minisink Valley, NY

3 - #17 Logan Ours, Beaver Local, OH

4 - Connor Euton, Westerville North, OH

5 - Brendon Abdon, Lake Gibson, FL

6 - HM Alex Poore, Caravel Academy, DE

7 - #14 Nick Vafiadis, New Kent, VA

8 - HM Murphy Menke, Ponderosa, CO

9 - Austin Dalton, Crescent Valley, OR

10 - James Scavuzzo, Highland, OH

11 - Noah Ewen, Perrysburg, OH

12 - Colin Kelly, Mt. Carmel, IL

13 - Cole Ruble, Seckman, MO

14 - Tate Geiser, Dalton, OH

15 - Colby Isabelle, Hill School, PA

16 - Gunnar Cramblett, Graham, OH

165 lbs

Without a 170 weight class, Rocco Welsh was left to decide between 165 and 175. After competing at 74 kg at the Pan Am Games he opted to go down. He's ultra consistent and the favorite to win, but this bracket is tough.

#9 Jonathan Ley has been a staple on the national circuit since Super 32 in 2020. He could see #11 Holden Garcia in the semifinals. On the top side of the bracket, Welsh may see the winner of #10 Tyler Lillard and #18 Domonic Baker.

Daschle Lamer, Evan Bennett, Lorenzo Norman, and Roman Cruz are also extremely good as are many more in this field.

Prediction: 1) Rocco Welsh 2) Jonathan Ley 3) Tyler Lillard 4) Holden Garcia 5) Domonic Baker 6) Daschle Lamer 7) Lorenzo Norman 8) Roman Cruz


1 - #3 Rocco Welsh, Waynesburg Central, PA

2 - #9 Jonathan Ley, Lake Highland Prep, FL

3 - #11 Holden Garcia, Notre Dame, PA

4 - #10 Tyler Lillard, Aurora, OH

5 - #18 Domonic Baker, New Kent, VA

6 - Evan Bennett, St. Edward, OH

7 - HM Daschle Lamer, Crescent Valley, OR

8 - Nicholas Hall, Caravel Academy, DE

9 - Carter Schubert, Wyoming Seminary (PA), PA

10 - HM Lorenzo Norman, Blair Academy, NJ

11 - Roman Cruz, Pomona, CO

12 - Brenden Severs, Louisville, OH

13 - Dez Gartrell, Dublin Coffman, OH

14 - Nick Alvarez, Legacy Christian Academy, OH

15 - Max Ray, Tiffin Columbian, OH

16 - Max Kirby, Fairless, OH

175 lbs

The top two seeds here are #1 Gabe Arnold and #5 James Rowley. They met in Arizona in February where Arnold secured three takedowns en route to his victory. Since that time, both have improved. This spring, Rowley won a loaded Cadet World Team Trials bracket where Arnold finished 7th and followed that up by winning a silver medal at the Cadet World Championships. Arnold won a Fargo stop sign then entered the Who's Number One 4-man bracket at 170 lbs and ran the table to earn the #1 spot. If we see this rematch in the finals, expect an all-out war.

Gabe Arnold and James Rowley's bout from February 2021


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Plenty of contenders would be happy to break up this rematch. Danny Wask, a Fargo finalist at 152 lbs, is ranked 5th at 160 but continues to move up. Ohio State commit #7 Luke Geog is elite as is #11 Brody Conley. #17 Luke Vanadia of Brecksville could also do damage here. 

Prediction: 1) Gabe Arnold 2) James Rowley 3) Luke Geog 4) Danny Wask 5) Brody Conley 6) Luke Vanadia 7) Omaury Alvarez 8) Gage Wright


1 - #5 James Rowley, Crescent Valley, OR

2 - #1 Gabe Arnold, Wyoming Seminary (PA), PA

3 - #11 Brody Conley, Tiffin Columbian, OH

4 - #7 Luke Geog, St. Edward, OH

5 - #5 Danny Wask, Blair Academy, NJ

6 - Michael Altomer, Minisink Valley, NY

7 - Jonathan Conrad, Carrollwood Day School, FL

8 - Braden Welch, Ashland, OH

9 - #17 Luke Vanadia, Brecksville, OH

10 - HM Omaury Alvarez, Baylor School, TN

11 - HM Gage Wright, Parkersburg South, WV

12 - Joseph Nicolosi, American Heritage School (Delray Beach), FL

13 - Connor Havill, Troy Christian, OH

14 - Mitchell Broskie, Dublin Coffman, OH

15 - Jackson Harms, Hillcrest, SC

16 - Ronald Dimmerling, GlenOak, OH

190 lbs

Oh baby! This is weight class is a monster. We have two #1s in Dylan Fishback at 195 and Jack Wehmeyer at 182. We also have #3 Seth Shumate, #4 Rylan Rogers, #8 Jude Correa, #9 Hayden Walters, #12 Camden McDanel, #18 Wentric Williams, and a bunch of honorable mention hammers.

The Ironman weightclasses have created a true hybrid weight. Of the top six seeds, half are 182-pounders, and half are 195-pounders. 

The two highest seeds here are Fishback and Rogers. That potential matchup is a clash of styles as Fiishback is an outstanding athlete with excellent power, stamina, and technique. Rogers is a technical wizard who seems to approach wrestling moves like chess maneuvers. If seeds hold and that's the final we get, wrestling fans will be in for a treat.

This bracket is too tough to predict with much confidence, but you should confidently make a decision to watch as much of this bracket as possible.

Predictions: 1) Dylan Fishback 2) Rylan Rogers 3) Jack Wehmeyer 4) Seth Shumate 5) Jude Correa 6) Hayden Walters 7) Camden McDanel 8) Wentric Williams


1 - #1 Dylan Fishback, Aurora, OH

2 - #4 Rylan Rogers, Coeur D`Alene, ID

3 - #3 Seth Shumate, Dublin Coffman, OH

4 - #1 Jack Wehmeyer, Malvern Prep, PA

5 - #9 Hayden Walters, Crescent Valley, OR

6 - #8 Jude Correa, Wyoming Seminary (PA), PA

7 - HM Andrew Donahue, Olentangy Liberty, OH

8 - #18 Wentric Williams, Liberty, MO

9 - HM Mikey Tal Shahar, American Heritage School (Delray Beach), FL

10 - #12 Camden McDanel, Teays Valley, OH

11 - HM Stephen Little, Union County, KY

12 - HM Sergio Desiante, Tampa Jesuit, FL

13 - HM Donnie Hidden, Washington Community, IL

14 - Kingsley Menifee, Fauquier, VA

15 - Ayden Edwards, Parkersburg South, WV

16 - Blake Schaffer, Louisville, OH

215 lbs

TJ Stewart is the highest-ranked guy in the mix for a reason, but he's also coming up in weight. While that could be an issue for some guys, Stewart has demonstrated the power to make himself the favorite with these big boys.

He won't have a walk in the park though. Guys like #9 Logan Shephard, #10 Jack Darrah, #13 Parker Ferrell, #14 Kyle Snider, #15 Carter Neves, and #19 Dylan Russo are no joke. Throw in Andrew Connolly, Carson Floyd, Ethan Gallo, and more, and baby, you've got a stew going!

Predictions: 1) TJ Stewart 2) Logan Shephard 3) Jack Darrah 4) Parker Ferrell 5) Kyle Snider 6) Carter Neves 7) Dylan Russo 8) Andrew Connolly


1 - #2 TJ Stewart, Blair Academy, NJ

2 - #14 Kyle Snider, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, OH

3 - #9 Logan Shephard, Massillon Perry, OH

4 - #10 Jack Darrah, Wyoming Seminary (PA), PA

5 - #13 Parker Ferrell, Christianburg, VA

6 - #19 Dylan Russo, Olentangy Liberty, OH

7 - #15 Carter Neves, Graham, OH

8 - Max Shulaw, St. Francis Desales, OH

9 - Ronald Garriques, Baylor School, TN

10 - HM Andrew Connolly, Malvern Prep, PA

11 - HM Carson Floyd, Lake Norman, NC

12 - Erick Brothers Jr., Wheeling Park, WV

13 - HM Ethan Gallo, Minisink Valley, NY

14 - Bryson Getz, St. Vincent-St Mary, OH

15 - Luke MacDonald, Bennington, NE

16 - John Gholson, Nixa, MO

285 lbs

The number one man in the land, Nick Feldman, will be in action. This will be his first high school tournament that includes a full-sized elite big guy like #7 Ryan Boersma, but his work at the Clarion Open against 2x NCAA qualifier Zachary Knighton-Ward suggests that he'll be up for the challenge.

Nick Feldman's bout with 2x NCAA qualifier Zachary Knighton-Ward


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Kolby Franklin is the #6 man at 195 lbs where he placed at Super 32, but he'll be testing himself against the big boys this weekend. #16 Aiden Lacoma, #18 Matthew Moore, and #20 Aidan Fockler round out the ranked list, but there are plenty more tough customers.

Predictions: 1) Nick Feldman 2) Ryan Boersma 3) Kolby Franklin 4) Aiden Lacoma 5) Matthew Moore 6) Aidan Fockler 7) Evan Anderson 8) Nolan Neves


1 - #1 Nick Feldman, Malvern Prep, PA

2 - #7 Ryan Boersma, Mt. Carmel, IL

3 - #6 Kolby Franklin, Wyoming Seminary (PA), PA

4- Todd Allen, Buckeye, OH

5 - HM Evan Anderson, Western Reserve Academy, OH

6 - HM Nolan Neves, Graham, OH

7 - #16 Aiden Lacoma, Christianburg, VA

8 - #18 Matthew Moore, Mesa Ridge, CO

9 - #20 Aidan Fockler, Massillon Perry, OH

10 - HM Riley Ucker, Dublin Coffman, OH

11 - HM Sakarri Morrison, Lake Norman, NC

12 - Ryan Elrod, St. John School, OH

13 - Austin Ryder, Dalton, OH

14 - Riley Godeck, Crescent Valley, OR

15 - Jose Rosales, Pomona, CO

16 - Cameron Brazek, Louisville, OH