2022-23 NCAA D1 Dual Rankings

Team Dual Rankings

Pittsburgh was the big mover this week after taking out Virginia Tech. For that result, Pitt jumps up 7 spots but is kept from moving higher because of their past losses on the season to West Virginia and Maryland. Virginia Tech drops two spots with the loss but stays ahead of NC State who they just defeated last week.

Ohio State took out Michigan and moves up to #5 in the rankings. That win, and their previous win on the year over Virginia Tech, is enough to make up for the loss to #15 Northern Iowa.

Nebraska and Northwestern both defeated Wisconsin and move ahead of the Badgers in the rankings with that win. 

Oklahoma State defeated Northern Iowa and moves up 1 spot but stays behind Minnesota since the Gophers defeated the Cowboys this year.

Maryland continues to slide after losing to Michigan State and Michigan. After a strong start to the year, the Terps have now lost four straight but stay in the top 25 because of their wins this year over Pitt and Oklahoma.

Check out all the ranked results from the last week of college wrestling:

Penn State over Iowa, 23-14

Iowa State over Oklahoma State, 18-11

Iowa State over Oklahoma, 25-12

Cornell over Army, 27-12

Cornell over Columbia, 30-3

Ohio State over Michigan, 23-15

Ohio State over Michigan State, 36-3

Michigan over Maryland, 44-6

Pitt over Virginia Tech, 26 - 12

NC State over Duke, 46-3

Nebraska over Wisconsin, 24-11

Northwestern over Wisconsin, 18-17

Northwestern over Rutgers, 28-6

Minnesota over Illinois, 24-9

Oklahoma State over Northern Iowa, 19-17

Northern Iowa over Oklahoma, 23-12

Indiana over Purdue, 17-16

Arizona State over Lehigh, 20-16

Michigan State over Maryland, 37-9

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1Penn State1
3Iowa State3
5Ohio State7
7Virginia Tech5
8NC State8
14Oklahoma State15
15Northern Iowa11
16North Dakota State16
21Arizona State21
23West Virginia23
24Michigan State25