2022 NCAA Recruiting Class Rankings

2022 NCAA Recruiting Class Rankings

High school recruiting is unsurprisingly a huge indicator of success in college teams. Recruit well and you will most likely do well. These rankings do not include any sort of transfer, just high school athletes from the class of 2022. Because the NCAA team titles are awarded using individual scoring, the rankings tend to reward getting higher ranked athletes vs a larger number of lower-ranked athletes. An athlete’s immediate impact, long-term impact, overall lineup fit, as well as a team’s ability to fill their needs, are also taken into consideration. 

The individual rankings are taken from the 2022 Big Board. You can see the full list of commitments HERE.

Past Years' Rankings

2021 Recruiting Class Rankings - #1 Penn State

2020 Recruiting Class Rankings - #1 Oklahoma State

2019 Recruiting Class Rankings - #1 Ohio State

2018 Recruiting Class Rankings - #1 Penn State

2017 Recruiting Class Rankings - #1 Cornell

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