2022-23 Insanely Early NCAA DI Rankings

Way Too Early 125-Pound Rankings

These rankings are coming out insanely early, so we’re skipping some steps that we will do later for the 'official preseason rankings'. 

Only 24 wrestlers score advancement and/or placement points at the NCAA Championships, so we are only ranking out to 24. Honorable mentions for the next nine wrestlers will come later.

Additionally, we’ve only taken out wrestlers that we know have exhausted their eligibility or have made public statements saying they are finished with their collegiate careers. Wrestlers with any outstanding questions whatsoever as to whether they will return to collegiate action have been left in the rankings. 

We’re also only putting in a few wrestlers coming back from injury or redshirts. The official preseason rankings will have more new additions after we have time to do more research (insanely early rankings leave little time for research). 

Wrestlers' grades have been updated via ‘find + replace’ on our spreadsheets. It was a quick and dirty method and will be subject to numerous corrections and updates. Speaking of, if you have any information to share, please don’t hesitate to do so!

Finally: do you have questions or comments for the rankers? We welcome and encourage your feedback. Hit up Andrew Spey (email: Andrew.Spey@flosports.tv; Twitter: @SpeyWrestle) and JD Rader (email: jd.rader@flosports.tv; Twitter: @rader_jd)

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