2021-22 NCAA DI Rankings

Doctor RobotNick Surinao

DeAugustino falls below Schroder after the latter beat the former. McKee drops below the two due to having lost to both in head-to-head matchups.

Ayala is back in action for the Hawkeyes and stays ahead of Schroder thanks to his head-to-head win over the Boilermaker. 

Mastrogiovani falls after a loss to the very tough Prata, but is only down one spot and stays above Cardinale. Terukina has a win over both Mastro and Cardinale this season and Mastro's win over McKee is better than any win Cardinale has this season. 

Speaking of Terukina, his loss to Surtin causes the two to flip flop in position. Additionally, Latona and the aforementioned Prata move up ahead of Camacho after the Hokie defeated his Wolfpack rival. 

Elsewhere, Tristan Lujan enters the Honorable Mentions after defeating Brock Bergelin, the latter of whom drops out of the rankings and on to the bubble. 

Finally, Jacob Moran also scored a nice victory over Fabian Gutierrez, however, their respective resumes keep Fab Guti in the HMs and Moran just outside of it. 

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