2019-20 NCAA DI Rankings

125 2 Leegit 2 Quit

We're starting to see less movement after upsets as over half a season's worth of wins and losses provide some extra cushion to keep guys from falling too far when they lose or climbing too high when they win. Case in point, Michael DeAugustino falling two spots after losing to unranked Jack Medley, and Joey Prata dropping just one spot after to Joey Melendez in the battle of the Joeys. Whoa. 

Mike D has a recent win over Brandon Meredith, who has beaten Michael Colaiocco this season, so that's where DeAugustino stops. Prata has been beaten by Killian Cardinale but defeated Alex Mackall, whereas Pat McKee has beaten Cardinale and Mackall has defeated Jay Schwarm. So it below McKee but above Schwarm that Prata now sits. 

Nic Aguilar lost to Liam Cronin of Indiana, but only falls a couple spots himself thanks to his previous wins over the likes of Prata and Gage Curry as well as a win over the recently ranked Dom Lajoie. 

Lajoie joins the top 25 after defeating Ivy League rival Nolan Hellickson this week and Joe Manchio (yet another Ivy Leaguer) two weeks earlier. 

Manchio stays in by dint of his win over Trey Chalifoux, who has beaten Justin Cardani, who is forced out due to Lajoie's inclusion. Cardani recently defeated Medley, Malik Heinselman and Brandon Meredith, keeping all four very capable wrestlers on the bubble.

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