Class of 2020 Junior High Big Board

Junior High Big Board

The top of Junior High Big Board held tight as performances are what you would expect from the top middle schoolers in the country. #1 Mason Gibson (PA) won a PAJW title, while others in the top five showed their strength on the high school level. 

#2 Pierson Manville (MN) finished 3rd at 126 AAA in Minnesota. During the season he had a dual win over #3 Zack Ryder (NY). Ryder also had an opportunity to compete at the high school level in New York. He made the most of it taking home a D-I NY state championship at 126lbs. #5 PJ Duke (NY) matched that feat down at 99lbs. Yes, New York contests the weight class at the high school level with 7-12 being eligible.

#9 Carter Neves (OH) was the big mover at the top. He’s been dominant at the heavyweight end of things competing between 180lbs and 211lbs. He has separated himself from the field in the upper weights.

#26 Harvey Ludington IV (NJ) and #29 Rune Lawrence (PA) are the two highest ranking newcomers to the top 50. Ludington won Tulsa over highly regarded #27 David Mayora (IL). Lawrence was probably under-ranked after his VAC duals performance where he split with #30 Max Magayna (IA). Lawrence won a PAJW title and moved into a more appropriate ranking in the top 30

There isn’t much uniformity of weight classes at the junior high level, so there will be some moderate discrepancies in listed weights.

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