2019-20 High School Rankings

Akron Sets The Table For Fargo

For ten freestylers, Akron resulted in a trip to Sofia, Bulgaria. But all was not lost for those that didn't punch their ticket to Cadet Worlds.

The quality wins racked up in Akron are fully reflected here in the rankings and along with the levels earned for Fargo, means a great return on your efforts.

Four of the fourteen P4P members were in the Cadet tourney in Akron (with Saunders wrestling in U23's).

Facundo (to Travis Mastrogiovanni) and Richie Figs (to Jordan Williams) took losses but still won the World Team spot. 

Howard made his third Cadet Team.

Shayne Van Ness dropped his opening bout to Caleb Rathjen, who finished 4th. But I'm not punishing him too hard here on P4P. He has an amazing win-loss ledger over the last year with perhaps the most high quality wins.

And a new member gets in to the Pound-for-Pound Club.

Stevo Poulin, who won Super 32 last fall, has been undefeated since last year's Fargo where he was 3rd.

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