2019-20 High School Rankings

First Take: Seniors Removed

Freestyle/Greco season more or less kicks off this weekend with FloNationals which serves as the Pan Am trials and, because it influences seeds, sets the stage for Akron and the Cadet Trials.

Between FloNationals and the US Open's Junior Division, a good percentage of our stars will be in action.

As such, a new batch of rankings are unveiled. Gone are the seniors. 

Annually, the batch of rankings where seniors are removed are the most difficult. Weights are uncertain and the wrestlers, by definition, are less proven and less unscathed. So drop me an email if there are corrections or nominations - willie@flosports.tv

Along with new weight rankings comes the new P4P.

Ferrari and Amos lead the way and flip-flop weights.

The new faces are Patrick Kennedy (who was in at one time) and Ryan Jack and Paddy Gallagher make their P4P debut.

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