2019-20 High School Rankings


Several 'surprising' performances. We can start with McNeil and while him bringing home the belt may have 'surprised' some people, it really shouldn't have. He beat Hillegas as part of a sensational Fargo.

Justin Rivera who has been up and down, met Lachlan in the finals in a rematch from Journeymen finals, also won by Lachlan. 

A week after placing 4th at Grappler Fall Classic, Martin placed one higher at S32.

S32 Medalists

1st Lachlan Mcneil Scranton, PA (Pennsylvania) DEC Justin Rivera Fort Myers, FL (Florida), 3-1
3rd Alek Martin Urbana, OH (Ohio) DEC Joshua Edmond Detroit, MI (Michigan), 5-4
5th Mick Burnett Elyria, OH (Ohio) DEC Caden Mccrary Cartersville, GA (Georgia), 4-0
7th Nick Moore Urbana, OH (Ohio) FOR Sam Hillegas Pittsburgh, PA (Pennsylvania), 0-0

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