2019-20 High School Rankings


If you have a clear cut theory of how this weight should be ranked, I'm all ears. It doesn't exist.

Very difficult to drop Mendez, who lost twice, behind Jack, who he just beat.

Equally difficult is moving Vandevere, who edged Mendez, ahead of the big four when he just lost to Tim Levine at Journeymen two weeks ago.

What I arrive at is a mulligan for Mendez, whose spring/summer was phenomenal, and give Vandervere a significant bump that puts him in position to leap frog into the top tier with wins of that consistency and/or slip ups by those ahead of him.

S32 Medalists

1st Joel Vandervere (Illinois) DEC Kenny Herrmann Bethlehem, PA (Pennsylvania), 6-2
3rd Wyatt Henson Morgantown, WV (Missouri) DEC Patrick Noonan Stroudsburg, PA (Pennsylvania), 8-4
5th Jesse Mendez Crown Point, IN (Indiana) DEC Anthony Clark (New Jersey), 3-1
7th Skylar Smith Dallas, TX (Texas) DEC Julian Farber Bonaire, GA (Georgia), 5-3

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