2019-20 High School Rankings

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It's a difficult time of year for rankings and it has mostly to do with weight classes. Some who are ranked haven't wrestled in a national competition since their high school state tournaments. So where should they really be ranked? Most of the time it's safe to assume that they will bump at least one weight class, but that's not always the case.

Additionally, the UWW weights which were wrestled at FloNationals and the JR Open and will be used in Akron, don't align with the high school weights.

It's a tricky situation, but these updates will give you an otherwise clear picture of the latest developments.

With that being said - holler at me if you know of a recent weight change - willie@flosports.tv

Rankings this week include results from FloNationals, the JR Open, Western Regionals, and Northeast Region.

The most notable result in the P4P was Richie Figs taking a loss to Joey Cruz. But I'm dropping him just a spot. He's wrestled perhaps the nation's toughest schedule and still owned the longest streak in the country while embodying what P4P really means - wrestling any weight, anyone, and anywhere. 

Seven P4P members competed in Vegas:

Amos - 3rd in JR GR

Plott - 3rd in JR FS

Bartlett - 8th in SR FS

Saunders - 4th in JR FS

O'Toole - 7th in JR FS

Vasquez - 0-1 in SR FS

Gallagher - 3-2 in JR FS

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