2023 Domestic Women's Freestyle Rankings

50 kilograms

The most recent set of rankings had numerous changes based on the World Team Trials Challenge Tournament on May 21. Only four weights were contested (55 kg, 59 kg, 68 kg, and 76 kg) but that led to several wrestlers moving weight classes. 

Wrestlers who placed in the top four at the recent World Team Trials will be ranked at their new weight classes since they were in contention for a national team spot. Wrestlers who did not place in the top four will remain at their previous weights.

For example, Jennifer Page was ranked third at 62 kg but is ranked second at 59 kg since she moved down for the World Team Trials. However, Alex Hedrick is still ranked third at 57 kg since she moved up to 59 and did not place.

There is no guarantee that these wrestlers will stay at their new weights, but this seemed like an equitable way to keep people in the right place based on their recent performances. 

1Sarah Hildebrandt1
2Audrey Jimenez2
3Alyssa Lampe3
4Erin Golston4
5Emily Shilson5
6Sage Mortimer6
7Nyla Valencia7
8Aleeah Gould8
9Mia Palumbo9
10Kendra Ryan10