2023 NCAA Women's Wrestling Rankings

116 pounds

This ranking was produced by a committee working with AmericanWomensWrestling.com for FloWrestling.

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A few notes on the rankings:

Welcome to the inaugural FloWrestling NCAA Women’s Rankings!

With the NCAA postseason upon us, these rankings arrive just in time to provide an end-of-season look at the top 10 landscape of NCAA women’s wrestling. It took a bit longer to produce this first ranking than we wanted, as there were scores of events to put into our research database. With the growth of women’s college wrestling, there are now many more events to pay attention to. This ranking includes results from a cross-section of the entire college season, including the Missouri Valley Open, North Central Open, Bearcat Open, Adrian Open, East Stroudsburg Open, Tornado Open, Grand View Open, Menlo Open, the Midlands, Soldier Salute, National Duals, and of course, all five NCWWC Regionals that happened last weekend! We also tried to pay attention, when helpful, to some of the dual results listed in Trackwrestling profiles. It took several weeks to get all the data entry done.

Even with all the information and work, we probably missed some results. Thanks for your patience as it’s very easy to miss some things, especially at duals that may have happened, some of them unreported. See this ranking as a starting point for future rankings and we will make adjustments as we go.

Of course, there are names you could make a case for to be on this list, and that’s always the challenge – figuring out who to put in and who to leave off. There are many deserving names that, for one reason or another, were nudged out based on our analysis of the data. That said, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t be or shouldn’t be in the rankings. We just needed to create this launching spot. There’s never been more depth in women’s college wrestling than there is today.

Our criteria includes head-to-head results, giving the most weight to the most recent result, common opponents, success against the field in comparison to others, dominance, and body of work. We do not penalize a wrestler who took a loss due to a medical forfeit. Also, keep in mind that results from last season start to lose their luster if new results are providing fresh info about an athlete’s level. That said, previous All-American finishes and national titles do carry some weight when considering where to put someone. 

One final thing to note, too, is the fact that we didn’t obligate ourselves to only include names of wrestlers competing in the postseason. If someone had a worthy season that warrants the recognition, we included them in the rankings. For example, North Central was only allowed to enter two names into their regional, but they have three 143-pounders who are deserving of being mentioned in the top 10. This is not unusual for top programs like North Central to have this kind of depth. For example, in 2019, in a rare feat McKendree had three All-Americans at 155 at WCWA Nationals when Alexandria Glaude, Jasmine Bailey, and Joye Levendusky all hit the podium, meaning three of the eight at the top were Bearcats. The NCWWC regionals don’t allow three entries. So this time, North Central sent London Houston and Kendall Bostelman to the regional, who both qualified for nationals, but Riley Aamold wasn’t able to compete even though she still had a strong season that warranted a top 10 ranking.

Even though it’s only top 10 at this time, we might consider expanding it as we continue providing this service to the women’s wrestling community. For now, to all the young women and programs that made our first-ever NCAA ranking, congrats!

If you have any feedback, please send it along to: info@americanwomenswrestling.com

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