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Emma Randall & Brooke Zumas Talk Building Rosters & Team Culture | Everything Women's Wrestling Episode 17

Sep 7, 2022

Emma Randall & Dr. Brooke Zumas join EWW to talk about intentional roster building, team culture, and more.

Order of Show

0:00 - Dr. Brooke Zumas shares her summer wrestling experiences: Sanction PA, NWCA Convention, NFHS Uniform Change

7:30 - Emma Randall shares about her summer wrestling experiences: Camps & Clinics, U20 World Team Training Camp, and Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria 

10:50 - What is the difference between recruiting & roster building at the collegiate level?  

15:55 - Why active roster building is essential 

19:56 - How can coaches differentiate for all levels? 

25:55 - How can we make new female wrestlers at the high school level more comfortable from day one?  

32:37 - Thoughts on roster building for women's collegiate programs 

36:20 - Does having a female coach help with roster-building?  

43:45 - Building team culture as well as "the team around the team" 

48:22 - Utilizing the community to support the team 

54:06 - Ways for coaches to keep lines of communication open with athletes  

1:06:04 - Advice for emerging female leaders 

1:12:20 - Resources Emma and Brooke recommend

1. up2us.org 

2. thesportsbraproject.org 

3. sanctionpa.com 

4. tuckercenter.org