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Women's High School Wrestling's Annual Growth | Everything Women's Wrestling (ep. 25)

Jan 23, 2023

Joan Fulp, Andrea Yamamoto and Eve Duncan join Everything Women's Wrestling to talk about the growth of girls wrestling during the past year.

Order of Show

0:00 - Introduction of show

1:45 - Joan Fulp, Andrea Yamamoto and Eve Duncan introductions 

8:20 - Discussion of show sequence

        - How did the USA H.S. Girls Development Committee start?

        - Emerging sport or Championship status?  What's the difference? 

        - 6 original states 

29:00 - Conversation around the 10 highlighted states - data shared!

55:55 - National Numbers 

102:55 - What resources should people have bookmarked on their computers? 

Resources discussed on the show: 






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