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Sacred Heart Coach Paulina Biega After Year 1

Sacred Heart Coach Paulina Biega After Year 1 | Everything Women's Wrestling

May 27, 2022

Paulina Biega, D1 head coach for Sacred Heart Women's Wrestling, reflects on her first year in the position as well as the explosion in roster size that is coming next season.

Order of Show

00:00 - Intro

1:00 - Childhood in Poland and entry into wrestling

6:00 - Transition to U.S. and college years 

10:48 - After college and transition into coaching 

11:55 - Discussion about growing more female wrestling coaches

18:10 - Paulina talks about the 2021-22 team at SHU

25:00 - Starting a program from scratch 

31:10 - 2022 SHU National Qualifiers / Recruiting / Class of 2026

41:37 - Competition schedule next year 

43:27 - What's next for D1 Women's Wrestling?