584. NCAA Takeaways From RTC Cup

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NCAA Takeaways From RTC Cup, Breaking Down 165 This Season | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 584)

Dec 9, 2020

On episode 584 of FRL, the boys put the finishing touches on the RTC Cup, talk top contenders at 165 next year, what will J'den Cox and Kyle Snyder do weight wise in non-Olympic years, and more.

Run of Show

0:00 - We are going to try and be dynamic again today

0:01 - The 2024 Olympics are running it back with the same weights, medals, participants, etc.

0:07 - The UFC makes some major cuts

0:10 - It’s crazy how many techs there at the U.S. Open

0:14 - NCAA wrestling takeaways from the RTC Cup

0:19 - Kollin Moore-Mike Macchiavello was wild

0:23 - Will J’den Cox go back to 92kg or stay at 97kg at the Olympics

0:25 - Ben does not want J’den Cox and Kyle Snyder at the same weight in non-Olympic years

0:30 - Carson Kharchla is going to be a factor at 165 this season

0:34 - Breaking down the contenders next year at 165

0:40 - What will the back half of Michigan’s lineup look like next szn?

0:44 - How would Myles Amine vs AJ Ferrari go?

0:46 - Hidlay-Massa was wild

0:48 - Question from friends