579. How The RTC Cup Came To Be

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How The RTC Cup Came To Be & How Pools Were Decided, Oklahoma State On Fire Recruiting | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 579)

Nov 24, 2020

On episode 579 of FRL, the boys are joined by Jonny Ruggiano of TMWC to talk all about the RTC Cup, and then Ben and Bratke talk about the day one matchups they are most excited for at the RTC Cup, Oklahoma State's hot streak on the recruiting trail, some transfer news, and Ben goes to war on Thanksgiving food again.

Run of Show

0:01 - Titan Mercury Wrestling Club Director of Operations, Jonny Ruggiano, joins the show to talk about how the RTC Cup came to be, how the pools were decided, how it will be contested, and much more

0:24 - Talking about the day 1 RTC Cup matchups we’re most excited about 

0:35 - Nahshon Garrett joined Southeast RTC and will wrestle for them at the RTC Cup

0:37 - Does adding Nahshon make NJ/SE RTC the favorite in their pool?

0:38 - Ben forgot to lock his door and Ozzy makes an appearance 

0:40 - Oklahoma State is on fire recruiting. What has led to their uptick in recruiting?

0:53 - Bratke has to go let his dog out

0:54 - Ben explains why folkstyle turns don’t work in freestyle 

0:55 - Wrapping up the Oklahoma State talk with somes theories on why the Cowboys succeed when guys move up

0:57 - Michael Blockhus transferring from UNI to Minnesota

0:58 - An awesome Gabe Dean interview where he opened up about personal stuff while wrestling

01:03 - Seth Nevills transferring from Fresno State to South Dakota State

01:05 - Ben begins his war on Thanksgiving food again

01:10 - Questions from friends