2022 Defense Soap Super 32 Challenge

Complete Super 32 Preview & Predictions

Complete Super 32 Preview & Predictions

Super 32 goes down this weekend, and the field is as loaded as ever. Here's what you need to know about the nation's deepest high school tournament.

Oct 12, 2022 by David Bray
Complete Super 32 Preview & Predictions

There's nothing quite like Super 32. This year's field includes over 60% of the nation's 280 top-twenty-ranked wrestlers. That group includes eight of 14 #1's and six weights where the two highest-ranked wrestlers at the weight could square off for the number one spot. Here's everything you need to know about the contenders at each weight along with seeds (completed by Willie Saylor), a synopsis of each weight, and our predictions which are sure to be blown up by deep fields of hungry competitors.

106 lbs (13 Top 20’s)

#1 Christian Castillo, Valiant College Prep, AZ

#3 Seth Mendoza, Mt. Carmel High School, IL

#5 Dominic Munaretto, St. Charles East High School, IL

#7 Keanu Dillard, Bethlehem Catholic, PA

#8 Aaron SEIDEL, Northern Lebanon, PA

#12 Tyler Dekraker, Blair Academy, VA

#14 Abram Cline, Granite Hills High School, CA

#15 Matthew Dolan, Spring Mills High School, WV

#17 Davis Motyka, Wyoming Seminary, PA

#18 Rocklin Zinkin, Buchanan High School, CA

#19 Lincoln Sledzianowski, Bishop McCort, PA

#20 Carter Pearson, Southeast Polk High School, IA

Honorable Mention

Aydan Thomas, Stillwater High School (OK) | Ayden Dodd, Perrysburg High School (OH) | Ayden Smith, Notre Dame Green Pond High School (PA) | Cadell Lee, Brooke Point (VA) | Caden Smith, Robinson Secondary School (VA) | Cole McFarland, Haverford high school (PA) | Colyn Limbert, Medina Buckeye (OH) | Darren Florance, HARPURSVILLE (NY) | Dominic Deputy, Chestnut Ridge (PA) | Hudson Loges, Blair High School (NE) | Ignacio Villasenor, CHCE (CO) | Jason Goodin, Edmond North (OK) | Jayden James, Delbarton (NJ) | Joseph Uhorchuk, Signal Mountain High School (TN) | Kole Davidheiser, Faith Christian Academy (PA) | Lawson Eller, New Prague (MN) | Mason Rohr, Massillon Perry (OH) | Max Tancini, Perkiomen Valley HS (PA) | Michael Romero, Innovations Learning Academy (CA) | Nathan Rioux, Avon High School (IN) | Nico Fanella, Indiana Area High School (PA) | Paul Kenny, CBA (NJ) | Revin Dickman, Brownsburg (IN) | Trey Beissel, Hastings High School (MN) | Tyler Garvin, Rising Sun High School (MD) | Tyler Harper, Norwalk High School (IA)

106 Seeds

1) Christian Castillo 2) Seth Mendoza 3) Domenic Munaretto 4) Michael Romero 5) Keanu Dillard 6) Aaron SEIDEL 7) Tyler Dekraker 8) Paul Kenny 9) Antonio Mills 10) Tyler Garvin 11) Carter Pearson 12) Ayden Smith 13) Aidan Carmody 14) Davis Motyka 15) Matthew Dolan 16) Dale Corbin

106 Synopsis

Until last week, the story of this weight was a potential showdown between U17 World silver medalist #1 Christian Castillo and Fargo champ #2 Jayden Raney, but with Raney moving up to 113 lbs, we’ll have to wait to see that one. Now, the two highest-ranked guys are Castillo and #3 Seth Mendoza whose rivalry has been excellent. Castillo won their last two meetings in the best-of-three series at U17 World Team Trials, but Mendoza beat Castillo at Super 32 last year and in the 2021 Fargo finals. These two always seem to meet in big moments, and the Super 32 finals would be a fitting stage for a rubber match.

#1 Castillo vs #3 Mendoza round 2 at U17 Trials


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Castillo and Mendoza will have to contend with eleven other ranked wrestlers and a massive group of accomplished guys outside the top 20. U17 World champ Dominic Munaretto will look to establish himself among the nation's elite as will freshmen Keanu Dillard, who just knocked off PIAA champ Aaron Seidel, Fargo AA Tyler Dekraker, Rocklin Zinkin, and Sledzianowski.

Watch #3 Seth Mendoza and #5 Dominic Munaretto roll at a St. Charles East workout this fall


Keep an eye on eighth graders Paul Kenny, Michael Romero, and Ignacio Villasenor. In the last few weeks, all three have ranked wins. Paul Kenny knocked off #17 Motyka at Ultimate Club Duals, Romero beat #12 Dekraker at Journeymen, and Villasenor beat #18 Zinkin and #19 Sledzianowski at Elite 8 Duals.

Prediction: 1) Christian Castillo 2) Seth Mendoza 3) Dominic Munaretto 4) Keanu Dillard 5) Aaron Seidel 6) Michael Romero 7) Tyler Dekraker 8) Ignacio Villasenor

113 lbs (14 Top 20's)

#1 Anthony Knox, SJV, NJ

#2 Bo Bassett, Bishop McCort, PA

#2 (106)  Jayden Raney, Union County High School, KY

#7 Nathan Desmond, Bethlehem catholic, PA

#10 (120) Leo DeLuca, Blair Academy, NJ

#11 Brandon Morvari, Simley High School, MN

#12 Moses Mendoza, Gilroy High, CA

#13 Nathan Carrillo, St. John Bosco High School, CA

#14 Edwin Sierra, Poway, CA

#15 Sebastian Degennaro, Jensen Beach High School, FL

#16 Louie Gill, Reynolds, PA

#17 Dru Ayala, Fort Dodge Senior High School, IA

#18 Jake Knight, Bettendorf High School, IA

#20 (120) Adrian DeJesus, DePaul, NJ

Honorable Mention

Anthony Rossi, Hunterdon Central Regional High School, Flemington, NJ (NJ) | Blake Beissel, Hastings High School (MN) | Bryson Terrell, Bradley Central High School (TN) | Bryson Valdez, Aztec High School (NM) | Cameron Stinson, Mallard Creek High (NC) | Canon Acklin, Collinsville Oklahoma (OK) | Cash Donnell, Piedmont High School (OK) | Colin Martin, Stanton River Highschool (VA) | Dan Jones, Delbarton (NJ) | Declan Koch, Neenah High School (WI) | Drew Davis, Chatham Glenwood HS, IL (IL) | Ethan Rivera, Lake Highland Prep (FL) | Isaiah Adams, Avon High School (CT) | Jace Hedeman, Union High School (IA) | Jacob Bond, Baylor School (GA) | Jake Hockaday, Brownsburg (IN) | Jaxson Rosselli, Olentangy Liberty High School (OH) | Johnny Green, Aurora High School (OH) | JR Leuer, Starpiont (NY) | Keyan Hernandez, Billings West High (MT) | Kody Tanimoto, All Saints Episcopal School (TX) | Logan Lau, Mid Pacific Institute (HI) | Luke Sirianni, Abington Heights (PA) | Marcello Milani, St. Mary's Preparatory (MI) | Marco Alarcon, Don Bosco Prep (NJ) | Mason Taylor, West Holmes (OH) | Reid Spurley, Dodgeville (WI) | Ronnie Ramirez, Pounders (CA) | Teague Strobel, West-Oak High School (SC) | Timothy Koester, Bettendorf High School (IA) | Tyler Washburn, Palmetto Ridge High School (FL) | Vincent Paino, St Joseph Regional High School (NJ)

113 Seeds

1) Anthony Knox 2) Bo Bassett 3) Leo DeLuca 4) Adrian DeJesus 5) Nathan Desmond 6) Moses Mendoza 7) Louie Gill 8) Jayden Raney 9) Jayden James 10) Nathan Carillo 11) Edwin Sierra 12) Ethan Rivera 13) Sebastian Degennaro 14) Jay Peace 15) Dan Jones 16) Cameron Stinson Acklin 

113 lbs Synopsis

One of the biggest developments leading into Super 32 a year ago was Anthony Knox's last-minute weight change from 113 lbs to 106 lbs for a showdown with Bo Bassett. The match materialized in fantastic fashion, and we could see it again this year, now with the #1 spot in the country on the line.

#1 Anthony Knox vs #2 Bo Bassett in the 2021 Super 32 Finals


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To get to Knox, Bassett will likely have to navigate some combination of 15-seed Dan Jones, #16 Louie Gill, #12 Moses Mendoza, and #10 (up at 120 lbs) Leo DeLuca. Knox and DeLuca are good friends, so a DeLuca semifinal win over Bassett would set up a final with a lot of wrestling room familiarity.

Knox's path to the finals could include Fargo AA Cameron Stinson in the round of 16, #2 (at 106 lbs) Jayden Raney in the quarterfinals, and either #20 (at 120 lbs) Adrian DeJesus or #7 Nate Desmond in the semis.

The biggest development to the field at 113 lbs is Jayden Raney's addition to the weight after moving up from 106 lbs. He competed at 113 lbs this weekend at the AWA Duals where he went 6-0 with three falls, two techs, and a major. His Fargo title and insane unbeaten streak suggest he's a real contender at the weight as is 2021 Fargo champ DeLuca.

#11 Brandon Morvari, #17 Dru Ayala, and #18 Jake Knight are all unseeded which means that a trio of landmines will be scattered throughout the bracket with the goal of blowing up the seeds.

Prediction: 1) Anthony Knox 2) Bo Bassett 3) Leo DeLuca 4) Jayden Raney 5) Nate Desmond 6) Brandon Morvari 7) Moses Mendoza 8) Nathan Carrillo

120 lbs (13 Top 20's)

#1 Jax Forrest, Bishop McCort, PA

#2 Luke Lilledahl, Wyoming Seminary, MO

#3 Alan Koehler, Prior Lake, MN

#4 Kale Petersen, Green County, IA

#5 Marcus Blaze, Perrysburg High school, OH

#6 Gauge Botero, Faith Christian Academy, PA

#7 Jake Crapps, Cass High School, GA

#8 Vinny Kilkeary, Greater Latrobe, PA

#11 Jordyn Raney, Union County High School, KY

#12 Cooper Hilton, Apex, TN

#14 Draegen Orine, Wyoming Seminary, MO

#16 Noah Nininger, Staunton River High School, VA

#17 Jackson Blum, Lowell, MI

Honorable Mention

Ashton Jackson, Laporte high school (IN) | Billy Townson, Poway High School (CA) | Blake Gioimo, Prairie high school (IA) | Brady Roark, Seneca (MO) | Cael Nasdeo, Williamsport (PA) | Caio Aron, College Park (TX) | Caleb Uhorchuk, Signal Mountain High School (TN) | Chase Quenault, Delbarton (NJ) | Christian Fretwell, Lake Gibson (FL) | Colin Bradshaw, Steinbrenner High School (FL) | Dean Houser, Daniel Boone Area High School (PA) | Ethan Uhorchuk, Signal Mountain High School (TN) | Isaiah Schaefer, Evansville Mater Dei High School (IN) | Jacob Jones, Rancho Bernardo High School (CA) | Landon Bainey, West Branch (PA) | Landon Reaux, Southside Highschool (LA) | Lucas Fye, Bald Eagle Area (PA) | Luke Reitter, Council Rock High School South (PA) | Mason Gutenberger, Belgrade High School (MT) | Mason Ziegler, Quakertown (PA) | Matthew Marlow, Northport (NY) | Maximus Riggins, Bondurant-Farrar High School (IA) | NIKADE ZINKIN, CLOVIS HIGH (CA) | Parker Sentipal, Burgettstown (PA) | Porter Matecki, whitfield high school (MO) | Sam Herring, Bishop McCort (PA) | Tyler Chappell, Seneca Valley (PA) | Xavier Ortega, Howell High School (NJ)

120 Seeds

1) Jax Forrest 2) Luke Lilledahl 3) Vinny Kilkeary 4) Jake Crapps 5) Marcus Blaze 6) Alan Koehler 7) Gauge Botero 8) Kale Petersen 9) Jordyn Raney 10) Cooper Hilton 11) Jackson Blum 12) Noah Nininger 13) Sam Herring 14) Cael Nasdeo 15) Christian Fretwell 16) Draegen Orine

120 lbs Synopsis

How deep is 120 lbs? Well, the top eight seeds are all ranked in the top eight in the country. That leaves guys like #11 Jordyn Raney, #14 Draegen Orine, #16 Noah Nininger, and #17 Jackson Blum fighting for their spots in the quarters.

The top two at this weight are U17 World silver medalist Jax Forrest and U17 World Champ Luke Lilledahl. The two met at Journeymen during the first weekend of October with Forrest snagging the 9-6 victory. #5 Marcus Blaze is also the fifth seed in this bracket, but the Perrysburg, Ohio sophomore is a Fargo champ who owns victories over both Anthony Knox and Luke Lilledahl, an accomplishment few, if any, can boast. He's a serious contender.

Jax Forrest and Luke Lilledahl's Journeymen match two weekends ago


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In Fargo, #11 Jordyn Raney blew up the 120-pound bracket by pinning Bo Bassett. He's a fearless competitor, and even though his seeded path is projected to include #4 Kale Peterson in the round of 16, #1 Jax Forrest in the quarterfinals, #7 Vinny Kilkeary, and #2 Luke Lilledahl in the finals, he'll be dangerous all the way through.

The pin that put Jordyn Raney on the map in Fargo


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The top-heavy talent and incredible depth at 120 lbs make this a must-watch weight from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon. Expect non-stop action and plenty of surprising results.

Prediction: 1) Jax Forrest 2) Luke Lilledahl 3) Marcus Blaze 4) Jordyn Raney 5) Gauge Botero 6) Jake Crapps 7) Alan Koehler 8) Kale Peterson

126 (14 Top 20’s)

#2 Benjamin Davino, St Charles East, IL

#4 Caden Horwath, Davison High School, MI

#5 Mason Gibson, Bishop McCort, PA

#6 Braeden Davis, Dundee High School, MI

#7 Luke Stanich, Roxbury, NJ

#8 Aden Valencia, Ann Sobrato High School, CA

#9 Tyler Knox, St. Johns Prep, MA

#12 Drew Gorman, Buford HS, GA

#14 Max Gallagher, Bayport Blue Point, NY

#15 Drew Heethuis, Detroit Catholic Central, MI

#16 JJ McComas, Stillwater High School, OK

#17 Dillon Campbell, Legacy Christian Academy, OH

#19 Adrian Meza, Valiant College Prep, AZ

#20 Logan Frazier, Crown Point HS, IN

Honorable Mention

Amantee Mills, Mill Creek High School (GA) | Andrew Binni, Canon McMillan High School (PA) | Austin McBurney, Massillon Perry (OH) | Billy DeKraker, Blair Academy (VA) | Brayden Sonnentag, Cadott (WI) | Breyden Whorton, LaRue County High School (KY) | Brock Weiss, Jersey Shore (PA) | Carson Walsh, Pope John (NJ) | Chase Van Hoven, Brooke Point High School (VA) | Coen Bainey, Bald Eagle Area High School (PA) | Colby Crouch, Triad High School, Troy, IL (IL) | Cole Householder, Brookville (PA) | Colin Kacena, Lake Highland Prep (FL) | Collin Mullins, North Paulding (GA) | Eli Kirk, Guthrie HS (OK) | Elias Navida, Poway High School (CA) | Eren Sement, Council Rock North (PA) | Ethan Lebin, Hempfield Area (PA) | Hunter Gould, Conneaut Area Senior High (PA) | Jack Nelson, Mound-Westonka (MN) | Jackson Young, Camden Catholic (NJ) | Jacob Joyce, Ponaganset (RI) | Jameson Garcia, Marmion Academy (IL) | Jarvis Little, Summit High School (TN) | Joseph Clem, Wantagh high school (NY) | Kyrel Leavell, Warren Central High School (IN) | Luke Poore, Caravel Academy (DE) | Miles Anderson, Millard South (NE) | Ryan Avalos, Perrysburg (OH) | Thomas Verrette, Ponderosa High School (CO) | Vinnie D'Alessandro, Mayfield (OH) | Zeno Moore, Lake highland prep (FL)

126 Seeds

1) Benjamin Davino 2) Mason Gibson 3) Caden Horwath 4) Aden Valencia 5) Braeden Davis 6) Tyler Knox 7) Luke Stanich 8) Drew Gorman 9) Max Gallagher 10) Drew Heethuis 11) JJ McComas 12) Dillon Campbell 13) Logan Frazier 14) Carter Freeman 15) Jack Nelson 16) Jacob Joyce

126 lbs Synopsis

Even without #1 Nate Jesuroga, 126 will still be one of the deepest weights at Super 32. Seven top ten wrestlers and 14 of the 20 ranked wrestlers will battle for the Super 32 belt.

The two highest-ranked wrestlers, and the top two seeds, are Juniors #2 Ben Davino and #4 Mason Gibson who have yet to meet in their high school careers. Davino's path to the finals could include Jacob Joyce in the round of 16, #12 Drew Gorman or #14 Max Gallagher in the quarterfinals, and #6 Braeden Davis or #8 Aden Valencia in the semis. Gibson, according to seeds, would need to navigate Jack Nelson in the round of 16, #7 Luke Stanich (who he narrowly beat in Fargo) or #15 Drew Heethuis (who just beat Jake Crapps in the GFC finals) in the quarters, and #4 Caden Horwath or #9 Tyler Knox in the semis. Both of those paths to the finals are littered with dream matchups for both Davino and Gibson.

Mason Gibson and Luke Stanich's Wild Fargo final


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It's worth noting that Mason Gibson and Caden Horwath have already won Super 32 titles while Aden Valencia and Braeden Davis have been finalists in the past. There are plenty of legit contenders here, but if you're looking for a guy on an upward trajectory, keep your eyes on Stillwater, Oklahoma's JJ McComas. He had multiple ranked wins at Elite 8 Duals and seems to have unlocked some of the potential the Stillwater coaches have seen in him for a while.

Prediction: 1) Ben Davino 2) Caden Horwath 3) Mason Gibson 4) Braeden Davis 5) Luke Stanich 6) Aden Valencia 7) Tyler Knox 8) Drew Gorman

132 (20 Top 20’s)

#1 Nasir Bailey, Rich Township High School, IL

#2 Sergio Lemley, Mount Carmel, IN

#4 Cael Hughes, Stillwater High School, OK

#5 Grigor Cholakyan, St. John Bosco, CA

#6 Kyler Larkin, Valiant College Preparatory, AZ

#7 Brock Mantanona, Palm Desert High School, CA

#8 Maddox Shaw, Thomas Jefferson High School, PA

#9 Vincent Robinson, Home wood Flossmoor, IL

#10 Alessandro Nini, Christian Brothers Academy, NJ

#12 Dalton Perry, Central Mountain, PA

#13 Landon Robideau, STMA, MN

#14 Zan Fugitt, Nixa, MO

#15 Tyson Charmoli, St. Francis High School, MN

#16 Omar Ayoub, Dublin Coffman, OH

#17 Daniel Zepeda, Gilroy High, CA

#18 Jaxon Joy, Wadsworth, OH

#19 (113) Brogan Tucker, St Paris Graham, OH

#19 (138) Dario Lemus, Clovis, CA

#19 Greyson Clark, Kaukauna High School, WI

#20 (138) Luke Simcox, Central Mountain, PA

Honorable Mention

Adyn Bostick, Sunnyside high (AZ) | Asher Cunningham, State High (PA) | Blake Reihner, Trinity High School (PA) | Blue Stiffler, Mill Creek High School (GA) | Brandon Cannon, Ponderosa High School (CO) | Brycen Arbogast, Benedictine college prep (VA) | Caedyn Ricciardi, St. Peter's Prep (NJ) | Cael McIntyre, Bethlehem Catholic (PA) | Carter Freeman, Waukee NW (IA) | Carter Schmidt, Belgrade High School (MT) | Charlie Robson, Conwell Egan (PA) | Conner Heckman, Midd-West (PA) | Danny Martinez, Southwest Miami (FL) | Gaven Suica, Burgettstown (PA) | Grayson Woodcock, Dublin Coffman (OH) | Gunnar Myers, Wallenpaupack (PA) | Gunner Andrick, Point Pleasant (WV) | Holden Huhn, Cincinnati Lasalle High School (OH) | Isaiah Powe, Gardendale high School (AL) | Jacob Brenneman, Northern Garrett (MD) | Jacob Myers, Ponderosa (CO) | joel brown, Landon School (MD) | Joseph Simon, Waynesburg (PA) | Joshua Neiwert, Mead High School (WA) | Matthew Botello, Wyoming Seminary (MA) | Matthew Eberly, New Kent (VA) | MITCHELL NEINER, SOUTH KITSAP HIGH SCHOOL (WA) | Nathan Taylor, Kingsway (NJ) | Paul Kelly, Poway (CA) | Seamus Mack, Hempfield (PA)

132 Seeds

1) Nasir Bailey 2) Sergio Lemley 3) Cael Hughes 4) Alessandro Nini 5) Greyson Clark 6) Vincent Robinson 7) Kyler Larkin 8) Dalton Perry 9) Landon Robideau 10) Zan Fugitt 11) Brock Mantanona 12) Grigor Cholakyan 13) Luke Simcox 14) Omar Ayoub 15) Daniel Zepeda 16) Jaxon Joy

132 lbs Synopsis

This weight didn't have enough seeds for the ranked guys who are registered. #1 Nasir Bailey and #2 Sergio Lemley will look to battle for the Nation's top spot, but unseeded guys like #8 Maddox Shaw and #15 Tyson Charmoli will be hurled into the bracket like hand grenades.

Bailey and Lemley both earned victories at Who's Number One this year, but Bailey has decided to drop to 132 lbs for Super 32 after having earned the top spot at 138 lbs. This means that the top three guys in the country are all from Illinois. We saw Lemley over Webster at Who's Number one, now we may get a look at Bailey vs Lemley at Super 32.

#1 Nasir Bailey's impressive victory at Who's Number One


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Bailey's path to the finals could include #18 Jaxon Joy in the round of 16, #12 Dalton Perry or #13 Landon Robideaux in the quarters, and #10 Alessandro Nini or #19 Greyson Clark in the semis. Lemley may have to navigate #17 Daniel Zepeda in the round of 16, #6 Kyler Larkin or #14 Zan Fugitt in the quarters, and #4 Cael Hughes or #9 Vincent Robinson in the semis.

Despite all the success the guys in this field have had, none of them have climbed the Super 32 podium at the high school level. We'll see a brand-new champ in a completely stacked bracket.

Prediction: 1) Nasir Bailey 2) Sergio Lemley 3) Cael Hughes 4) Grigor Cholakyan 5) Kyler Larkin 6) Brock Mantanona 7) Maddox Shaw 8) Vincent Robinson

138 (12 Top 20’s)

#1 Ryder Block, Waverly Shell Rock, IA

#2 PJ Duke, Minisink Valley, NY

#5 Pierson Manville, State College Area High School, PA

#6 Kollin Rath, Bethlehem Catholic, PA

#7 Vince Bouzakis, Team Greco, PA

#8 Eligh Rivera, Lake Highland Prep (LHP), FL

#9 Anthony Evanitsky, Wyoming Area, PA

#12 Cameron Catrabone, Williamsville North, NY

#13 Julian George, Christian Brothers Academy, NJ

#15 Gabriel Bouyssou, Scituate, RI

#16 Logan Paradice, Baylor, GA

#18 Carter McCallister, Rock Bridge High School, MO

Honorable Mention

Anderson Heap, Osceola High School (FL) | August Hibler, Bergen Catholic HS (NJ) | Benjamin Weader, Chantilly (VA) | Billy Greenwood, Poudre High School (CO) | Brian Papcun, Ola high school (GA) | Cash Raymond, Simley High School (MN) | Cole Brooks, Collinsville (OK) | Collin Arch, Palmyra High School (MO) | David Cross, Francis Howell Central (MO) | David McClelland, St. Francis DeSales High School (OH) | Devon Magro, Bishop mccort (PA) | DJ Gillett, Crescent Valley High School (OR) | Dylan Granahan, Benton (PA) | Gage Owen, South Carroll HS (MD) | Gavin Linsman, Liberty High School (MO) | Hunter Bidelman, Caldwell senior high (ID) | Jeremy Ginter, Whitmer (OH) | Jonathan Fuller, Saint Peter's Prep (NJ) | Jose Gutierrez, Doral Academy (FL) | Judah Aybar, Loyola Blakefield (MD) | Julian Everitt, Pittston Area High School (PA) | Kane Naaktgeboren, Linn-Mar High School (IA) | Landon Desselle, Summit High School (TN) | Logan Fowler, Cleveland High School (TN) | Luke Belcher, Bradley Central High School (TN) | Mason Barvitskie, Southern Columbia (PA) | McKinley Robbins, Greene County (IA) | Moses Mirabal, Gilroy High School (CA) | Nicholas LaMorte, Rocky Point (NY) | Ryan Ford, Bergen Catholic (NJ) | Smokey McClure, Wyoming Seminary (WA) | Spencer Barnhart, Malvern Prep (PA) | Tycho Carmichael, Bettendorf High School (IA) | Wyatt Brock, Lasalle (OH)

138 Seeds

1) Ryder Block 2) PJ Duke 3) Pierson Manville 4) Cole Brooks 5) Anthony Evanitsky 6) Kollin Rath 7) Vince Bouzakis 8) Julian George 9) Eligh Rivera 10) Carter McCallister 11) Collin Arch 12) Gabriel Bouyssou 13) DJ Gillett 14) Cameron Catrabone 15) David Cross 16) Spencer Barnhart

138 lbs Synopsis

We have another top-heavy weight on our hands at 138 lbs. Both #1 Ryder Block and #2 PJ Duke are in a field that includes seven of the nation's top ten. Block is coming off a summer in which he won a Junior Fargo title and made an appearance at Who's Number One while Duke, a 2021 Super 32 champ, won a 16U Fargo title himself. Duke notched three ranked wins at Journeymen earlier this month and appears to be competing well headed into the nation's toughest high school folkstyle tournament.

PJ Duke's 2021 Super 32 championship match


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To get to the finals, Block's seeded path includes Spencer Barnhart in the round of 16, either #13 Julian George or #8 Eligh Rivera in the quarterfinals, and either Wyoming commit Cole Brooks or #9 Anthony Evanitsky in the semis. Seeds indicate that Duke would need to navigate David Cross in the round of 16, #7 Vince Bouzakis or #18 Carter McCallister in the quarters, and either #5 Pierson Manville (who he just beat at Journeymen) or #6 Kollin Rath in the semis.

If you're looking for a land-mine, keep your eyes on. #16 Logan Paradice. In the last few months, he turned in an 8-0 performance at Cadet Duals, a 4th place finish in Fargo, and a 5-2 showing at Elite 8 Duals. He could show up anywhere in this bracket and throw a wrench in the seeds. Fargo placers Billy Greenwood, Benjamin Weader, and Tycho Carmichael are also unseeded, so they're worth watching as well.

Prediction: 1) PJ Duke 2) Ryder Block 3) Pierson Manville 4) Kollin Rath 5) Vince Bouzakis 6) Cameron Catrabone 7) Eligh Rivera 8) Anthony Evanitsky

145 (17 Top 20’s)

#3 Mac Church, Waynesburg, PA

#5 Koy Buesgens, New Prague, MN

#6 Joel Adams, Millard South High School, NE

#7 Dylan Gilcher, Detroit Catholic Central, MI

#9 Collin Gaj, Quakertown, PA

#10 Sam Cartella, Western Reserve Academy, OH

#11 Cooper Haase, Osceola High School, FL

#13 (152) Kael Voinovich, Stillwater High School, OK

#13 WESTON DALTON, Pueblo East High School, CO

#14 (152) Christopher Crawford

#14 Cross Wasilewski, Delbarton, NJ

#16 Leo Contino, Buchanan high school, CA

#17 Jeremiah Price, Surry Central High School, NC

#18 Q'Veli Quintanilla, University High School, WA

#19 Casper Stewart, Batavia, NY

#19 (152) Kody Routledge, Edmond North, OK


Honorable Mention

Bas Diaz, Waverly Shell-Rock High School (IA) | Beau Hickman, Tuttle High School (OK) | Brady Conlin, Lake Highland Prep (FL) | Brodie Dominique, Archbold (OH) | Cameron Clark, Jay county high school (IN) | Cameron Milheim, Warrior Run Area High School (PA) | Christopher Crawford, Wyoming seminary (NY) | Clayton Gabrielson, St. Mary's Ryken (MD) | Emil Necula, Walton HS (GA) | Griffin Walizer, Central Mountain (PA) | Jacob Ward, Bay Port (WI) | Jaydon Robinson, HOMEWOOD Flossmoor (IL) | Joey Ortega, Arthur L. Johnson (NJ) | Kaden Milheim, Warrior Run Area High School (PA) | Kyle Lew, Westside High School (TX) | Leonard Ashley, Granby high school (VA) | Lonzy Vielma, Connellsville (PA) | Lucas Kapusta, Hempfield (PA) | Ryan Celaschi, Frazier High School (PA) | Tyler Tracy, Cardinal Gibbons (NC)

145 Seeds

1) Joel Adams 2) Dylan Gilcher 3) Cross Wasilewski 4) Koy Buesgens 5) Mac Church 6) Wynton Denkins 7) Q'Veli Quintanilla 8) ETHAN MOJENA 9) WESTON DALTON 10) Collin Gaj 11) Cooper Haase 12) Sam Cartella 13) Kael Voinovich 14) Christopher Crawford 15) Brodie Dominique 16) Aiden Davis

145 lbs Synopsis

The three highest-ranked guys at this weight, #3 Church, #5 Buesgens, and #6 Adams are all on the top side of the bracket. That side also includes #10 Sam Cartella, #13 Weston Dalton, #13 (152) Kael Voinovich, and #20 Ethan Mojena. Whoever makes it out of the top side will have run a gauntlet. Mac Church holds the highest ranking, but both Buesgens (who beat Church last year) and Adams were in the Super 32 finals a year ago.

Koy Buesgens & Mac Church's 2021 Super 32 semifinal


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The bottom half of the bracket is plenty challenging as well, but #7 Dylan Gilcher and #9 Collin Gaj appear to be the two most likely candidates to battle for the belt on Sunday afternoon. Both have recent wins over #5 (138) Pierson Manville. If they meet on the front side of this bracket, it will be in the quarterfinals with the winner seeded to face either #14 Cross Wasilewski or Wynton Denkins in the semifinal.

Four ranked wrestlers, #16 Leo Contino, #17 Jeremiah Price, #19 Casper Stewart, and #19 (152) Fargo champ Kody Routledge, are unseeded. All four could cause serious damage in this bracket. Routledge beat both #9 Collin Gaj and #6 (138) Kollin Rath en route to his Fargo title, so he's capable of big wins as are the other three.

Prediction: 1) Koy Buesgens 2) Dylan Gilcher 3) Mac Church 4) Joel Adams 5) Collin Gaj 6) Sam Cartella 7) Cooper Haase 8) Weston Dalton

152 (11 Top 20’s)

#2 LaDarion Lockett, Stillwater High School, OK

#6 Alessio Perentin, Delbarton, NJ

#7 Latrell Schafer, Veterans High school, GA

#8 Ty Watters, West Allegheny high school, PA

#9 Zach Hanson, Lakeville North, MN

#12 Nick Kunstek, Blair academy, PA

#14 Christopher Crawford

#16 Laird Root, Poway, CA

#17 Max Norman, Dobyns-Bennett, TN

#18 Jacob Bostelman, Ponderosa High School, CO

#20 Keagan Judd, Sherando, VA

Honorable Mention

Alexander Gavronsky, Belmont Hill School (MA) | Braxton Strick, Ozark High School (MO) | Brock Woodcock, St. Clair Highschool (MO) | Cade Parent, Saint Francis High School (GA) | Charlie Scanlan, Bethlehem Catholic (PA) | Christopher Mance, Lovett (GA) | Claudio Torres, Lake Highland Prep (FL) | Collin Guffey, Granite Hills High School (CA) | Conner Harer, Montgomery (PA) | Dominic bambinelli, Mill Creek High School (GA) | Erik McCown, Palm Desert High School (CA) | Ethan Osborne, Woodrow Wilson (WV) | Frank Volpe, Hauppauge High School (NY) | Griffin Gonzalez, Lebanon high school (PA) | Isaias Jimenez, Valient (AZ) | Jordan Chapman, Cranford High School (NJ) | Kelly Kakos, Perkiomen Valley (PA) | Kendrick Hodge, Somerset Academy (FL) | Konlin Weaver, Camden High (GA) | mekhi neal, Ryken (MD) | Ty Wilson, Dublin Scioto High School (OH)

152 Seeds

1) LaDarion Lockett 2) Ty Watters 3) Zach Hanson 4) Alessio Perentin 5) Conner Harer 6) Collin Guffey 7) Nick Kunstek 8) Latrell Schafer 9) mekhi neal 10) Keagan Judd 11) Dominic bambinelli 12) Christopher Crawford13) Laird Root 14) Braxton Strick 15) Jordan Chapman 16) Max Norman

152 lbs Synopsis

#2 LaDarion Lockett is the highest ranked wrestler in this field, and he's earned the top seed. The last man to beat him, Latrell Schafer, surged from unranked to #7 after racking up four ranked wins at Elite 8 Duals. If seeds hold, those two would have a quarterfinal rubber match with a whole bunch of eyes on it. The rest of Lockett's path to the finals could include #17 Max Norman in the round of 16 and either #6 Alessio Perentin or Conner Harer in the semifinals.

Latrell Schaffer's upset over #2 LaDarion Lockett at Elite 8 Duals


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The bottom half of this bracket is fascinating. #8 Ty Watters and #9 Zach Hanson have the second and third seeds. For them to meet in the semis, Watters is seeded to see Jordan Chapman in the round of 16 and #12 Nick Kunstek in the quarters. Zach Hanson could see Braxton Strick in the round of 16 and #11 Collin Guffey in the quarterfinals.

Fargo All-American Claudio Torres of Lake Highland Prep is unseeded in this field. The Florida sophomore could be ready for a breakout performance in Greensboro.

Prediction: 1) LaDarion Lockett 2) Ty Watters 3) Latrell Schafer 4) Zach Hanson 5) Alessio Perentin 6) Nick Kunstek 7) Laird Root 8) Max Norman

160 (11 Top 20’s)

#2 Joseph Sealey, Wyoming Seminary, FL

#3 Nicco Ruiz, St John Bosco, CA

#5 Joey Blaze, Perrysburg High school, OH

#9 Andrew Christie, Bishop McDevitt, PA

#10 Ethan Birden, Dublin Coffman High School, OH

#11 Noah Torgerson, STMA, MN

#12 Dominic Frontino, Shippensburg, PA

#13 Zane Licht, Lodi High School, WI

#14 Carter Schubert, Wyoming Seminary, NY

#16 Max Magayna, Columbus Catholic, IA

#19 Shawn Taylor, West Allegheny, PA

Honorable Mention

Anders Thompson, Flathead High School (MT) | Angelo Posada, Poway (CA) | Anthony Mannella, Mary Persons High School (GA) | Cade Ziola, Omaha Skutt Catholic (NE) | Christopher Earnest, Wadsworth (OH) | CREED THOMAS, Jefferson High School (GA) | Evan Zombro, Berkeley Springs (WV) | Gregory Merriman, Mooresville High School (NC) | Gunner Cramblett, Graham High School (OH) | Jake Dailey, Bethlehem Catholic (PA) | Jake Stoffel, Appleton North (WI) | Max Nevlin, St. Peter’s Prep (NJ) | Moses Espinoza-Owens, Viewmont High School (UT) | Patrick Jackson, Spring Mills High School (WV) | Rawson Iwanicki, St. John's Prep (MA) | Reed Fullmer, Malvern Prep (PA) | Ryan Garvick, Central Dauphin (PA) | Thor Michaelson, Bremerton High School (WA) | Travis Grace, Gilroy (CA) | Tyler Secoy, Columbus High School (GA)

160 Seeds

1) Joseph Sealey 2) Nicco Ruiz 3) Max Magayna 4) Joey Blaze 5) Shawn Taylor 6) Christopher Earnest 7) Andrew Christie 8) Carter Schubert 9) Thor Michaelson 10) Erik McCown 11) Tyler Secoy 12) Sam Goin 13) Zander Silva 14) Ethan Birden 15) Reed Fullmer 16) Gunner Cramblett

160 lbs Synopsis

All signs point to a Who's Number One rematch between #2 Joe Sealey and #3 Nicco Ruiz. If that ends up being the Super 32 final at 160 lbs, it would be the fourth meeting between the two in a little over a year. Ruiz won their first two matchups including in last year's Super 32 finals at 152 lbs, then Sealey got the victory in their most recent meeting at Who's Number One.

Joe Sealey vs Nicco Ruiz at Who's Number One


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#5 Joey Blaze has the fourth seed. He was a Super 32 placer last year and could be Sealey's toughest competition in the top half of the bracket. Also up top are #14 Carter Schubert and #19 Shawn Taylor. Ruiz's side includes #9 Andrew Christie, #10 Ethan Birden, and #16 Max Magayna.

Unseeded wrestlers who could do damage in this bracket are #11 Noah Torgerson, #12 Dominic Frontino, #13 Zane Licht. After the top two at this weight, the podium could go a lot of different ways. 160 lbs offers a big opportunity for wrestlers to prove themselves and climb up the rankings in a fairly volatile weight.

Prediction: 1) Joseph Sealey 2) Nicco Ruiz 3) Joey Blaze 4) Andrew Christie 5) Ethan Birden 6) Noah Torgerson 7) Dominic Frontino 8) Zane Licht

170 (13 Top 20’s)

#1 Rocco WELSH, Waynesburg Central, PA

#4 Louie Cerchio, Delbarton, NJ

#5 Lucas Condon, Poway High School, CA

#6 Noah Mulvaney, Arrowhead, WI

#8 Harvey Ludington, Brick Memorial High School, NJ

#9 Daschle Lamer, Crescent Valley, OR

#12 Bryce Burkett, Watertown-Mayer, MN

#13 Jed Wester, STMA, MN

#16 Dylan Newsome, Bishop Hartley, OH

#17 Chris Moore, Mchenry, IL

#19 Dominic Federici, Wyoming Seminary, PA

#20 (182) Adam Waters, Faith Christian Academy, PA

#20 Grant MacKay, Laurel, PA

Honorable Mention

Adrien Reyes, Clovis (CA) | Braedon Welsh, Fort Cherry HS (PA) | Brent Slade, Southeast Polk High School (IA) | Cason Howle, Greenwood High (SC) | Colin Kelly, MT.Carmel (IL) | Conor McCloskey, Buford High School (GA) | Duncan Christensen, Malvern Prep (VA) | Lars Michaelson, Bremerton High School (WA) | Marcell Booth, Apple Valley High School (MN) | Nate Blanchette, Central Catholic (MA) | Noah Lawrence, Great Bridge (VA) | Rafael Knapp, Algonquin Regional HS (MA) | Ryan Burton, Saint Joseph Regional High School (NJ) | Sergio Montoya, Clovis North High School (CA) | Talon McCollom, Edmond North (OK) | Thomas Sandoval, Vacaville High School (CA) | Tyler Eise, Ponderosa High School (CO)

170 Seeds

1) Rocco WELSH 2) Daschle Lamer 3) Grant MacKay 4) Lucas Condon 5) Noah Mulvaney 6) Dominic Federici 7) Louie Cerchio 8) Harvey Ludington 9) Jed Wester 10) Dylan Newsome 11) Colin Kelly 12) Abraham Wojcikiewicz 13) Bryce Burkett 14) Hoke Poe15) Adam Waters 16) Talon McCollom

170 lbs Synopsis

#1 Rocco Welsh is one of the biggest favorites in the tournament despite competing in a field with 13 top-twenty-ranked wrestlers including six in the top ten. Welsh and Josh Barr (who is unable to compete this weekend) have proven themselves to be the class of this weight, so Welsh will look to win his first Super 32 belt after finishing second in his last two attempts.

Rocco Welsh's Who's Number One match with Josh Barr


Welsh's path could include Talon McCollom in the round of 16, #8 Harvey Ludington or #13 Jed Wester in the quarterfinals, and either #5 Lucas Condon or #6 Noah Mulvaney in the semifinals. The bottom half of the bracket includes #4 Louie Cerchio, #9 Daschle Lamer, #16 Dylan Newsome, #19 Dominic Federici, and #20 Grant MacKay.

Cerchio is coming off a victory over Fargo 4th-place finisher Condon at the Ultimate Club Duals. Mulvaney finished one spot behind Condon in Fargo. Harvey Ludington enters his sophomore season after bringing home an elusive New Jersey state title as a freshman. This is a solid group whose results will be tough to predict. Expect a lot of great action at 170 lbs. Unseeded #17 Chris Moore could do some damage in this weight, so watch for where he lands when official brackets drop.

Prediction: 1) Rocco Welsh 2) Harvey Ludington 3) Louie Cerchio 4) Lucas Condon 5) Noah Mulvaney 6) Daschle Lamer 7) Bryce Burkett 8) Jed Wester

182 (12 Top 20’s)

#1 Brayden Thompson, Lockport High School, IL

#5 AJ Heeg, Stillwater, OK

#6 Tate Naaktgeboren, Linn-Mar High School, IA

#7 Ryder Rogotzke, Stillwater,MN, MN

#8 Timothy McDonnell, Fountain Valley High School, CA

#9 Orlando Cruz, Crown Point High School, IN

#12 Justin Rademacher, West Linn, OR

#13 Matthew Furman, Canon McMillan, PA

#16 Diego Costa, Yucaipa HS, CA

#17 Cole Han-Lindemyer, Farmington High School, MN

#18 Kingsley Menifee, Fauquier High School, VA

#19 CJ Walrath, Burlington Notre Dame, IA

Honorable Mention

Anthony Harris, Saint Peter’s Preparatory School (NJ) | Brock Zurawski, Lower Cape May (NJ) | Caleb Marzolino, Abington Heights (PA) | Cole Langford, Dallas High (OR) | Dillon Bechtold, Owen J Roberts (PA) | Dominic Thebeau, Beleville East HS (IL) | Elijah Diakomihalis, Hilton (NY) | Hunter Testa, Davie High School (NC) | Juliano Marion, Franklin's Regional (PA) | justin Griffith, Sanford (NJ) | Kael Bennie, Layton High School (UT) | Mark Ayala, St. John Bosco (CA) | Nate Taylor, Greens Farms Academy (CT) | Payton Thomas, Moore High (OK) | Rocco Dellagatta, St. Joes Regional Montvale, NJ (NJ) | Sonny Kling, Palm Desert high school (CA) | Spencer Fine, Bishop Hendricken (RI) | Tucker Hogan, Daniel Boone (PA) | Tyler Hodges, Clovis High (CA) | Tyler Withers, Gettysburg High School (PA)

182 Seeds

1) Brayden Thompson 2) Tate Naaktgeboren 3) Ryder Rogotzke 4) AJ Heeg 5) Timothy McDonnell 6) Cole Han-Lindemyer 7) Justin Rademacher 8) CJ Walrath 9) Nate Taylor 10) Tucker Hogan 11) Sergio Montoya 12) Matthew Furman 13) justin Griffith 14) Orlando Cruz 15) Brock Zurawski 16) Kingsley Menifee

182 Synopsis

Brayden Thompson has clearly established himself as the top 182-pounder in the country, and the departure of #4 Gabe Arnold, who holds a victory over Thompson from Who's Number One in 2021, he's a pretty big favorite. This bracket has plenty of depth though, so the belt isn't a foregone conclusion.

Thompson's path, if the seeds hold, would include #18 Kingsley Menifee in the round of 16, #19 CJ Walrath or Nate Taylor in the quarterfinals, #5 AJ Heeg or #8 Timothy McDonnell in the semis, then either #6 Tate Naaktgeboren or #7 Ryder Rogotzke in the finals. Thompson beat Taylor at Elite 8 Duals and has two victories over Naaktgeboren in the last year. He could have seen Menifee, Walrath, and Heeg at Elite 8 Duals, but he and Gabe Arnold were splitting duties at 182 lbs and 195 lbs, so he didn't get those matchups.

#7 Ryder Rogotzke presents perhaps the most interesting potential matchup for Thompson. Rogotzke is coming off Fargo losses to both Heeg and Naaktgeboren, but a year ago, he used his unconventional style to win a Super 32 title in a very deep bracket. When Rogotzke's on the mat, expect him to make positions messy in order to score from spots that don't normally yield points. He's not afraid to drop to an ankle when he's being released or reach for a lat-whip from bottom, and his bets regularly pay off. Rogotzke would likely have to solve the Naaktgeboren puzzle for a finals match with Thompson to materialize.

Tate Naaktgeboren and Ryder Rogotzke's 8-8 criteria Fargo third-place match this summer


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An unseeded wrestler to keep an eye on will be #16 Diego Costa, an NHSCA champ who finished 5th at the California state championships a year ago.

Prediction: 1) Brayden Thompson 2) Tate Naaktgeboren 3) AJ Heeg 4) Ryder Rogotzke 5) Timothy McDonnell 6) Orlando Cruz 7) Justin Rademacher 8) Matthew Furman

195 (11 Top 20’s)

#3 Aeoden Sinclair, Milton High School, WI

#4 Jude Correa, Wyoming Seminary, NH

#6 Camden McDanel, Teays Valley High School, OH

#7 Rune Lawrence, Frazier, PA

#8 Remy Cotton, Davison, MI

#10 Michael Dellagatta, St. Joes Montvale, NJ, NJ

#12 Dreshaun Ross, Fort dodge senior high, IA

#13 Vincenzo Lavalle, Edge, NJ

#15 Brian Burburija, Countryside High School, FL

#16 Soren Herzog, Simley High School, MN

#20 Joey Novak, New Prague, MN

Honorable Mention

Abe Keep, Girard (PA) | Andrew Liber, St. Francis de Sales School (OH) | Brenan Morgan, Central Valley High School (PA) | Brian Christie, St Joe's (NJ) | Caleb Beaty, Corinth Holders (NC) | Calvin Lachman, Quakertown (PA) | Cole Carter, Jasper Highschool (AL) | Corey Boerio, Greater Latrobe (PA) | Dustin Gue, Skyline High School (VA) | Gunner Henry, Brownsburg high school (IN) | Hudson Skove, Rumson - Fair Haven HS (NJ) | Jason Singer, Faith Christian Academy (PA) | Kayden Cartee, St john bosco (CA) | Luke Cochran, Jefferson (GA) | Mason Ellis, Madison County Highschool (AL) | Michael Mocco, Cardinal Gibbons High School (FL) | Oscar Williams, Edmond North High School (OK) | Toby Schoffstall, Liberty Christian Academy (VA)

195 Seeds

1) Rune Lawrence 2) Camden McDanel 3) Michael Dellagatta 4) Aeoden Sinclair 5) Jude Correa 6) Joey Novak 7) Dreshaun Ross 8) Vincenzo Lavalle 9) Remy Cotton 10) Soren Herzog 11) Luke Cochran 12) Markell Rivera-Cain 13) Brian Burburija 14) Michael Mocco 15) Oscar Williams 16) Calvin Lachman

195 Synopsis

#7 Rune Lawrence has the top seed, but his path through this bracket is anything but easy. He's seeded to see Calvin Lachman in the round of 16 and either #13 Vincenzo Lavalle or #8 Remy Cotton in the quarterfinals. His semifinal opponent would be either #3 Aeoden Sinclair or #4 Jude Correa. Lawrence, who moved up to 195 lbs at Journeymen, hasn't seen these opponents, at least not in recent memory. 

This top half is loaded Lawrence, NHSCA champ Correa, and Fargo champ Sinclair all have what it takes to make the finals. Sinclair's recent wins over both Mirasola brothers at the AWA Duals proved that he's ready to make the move up to 195 lbs, but both Correa and Lawrence have also turned in recent undefeated performances at the Ultimate Club Duals and Journeymen respectively.

Aeoden Sinclair's recent Fargo finals victory


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The bottom half of the bracket features#6 Camden McDanel, #10 Michael Dellagatta, #12 Dreshaun Ross, #16 Soren Herzog, and #20 Joey Novak. McDanel had an impressive run to the U17 trials finals, and he's the favorite to come out of the bottom. Most of the ranked guys on this list are fairly well-established on the high school scene, but Fargo champ Dreshaun Ross is just beginning his freshman campaign. If seeds hold, he'll have tough tests in #16 Herzog and #6 McDanel in the round of 16 and quarters.

Prediction: 1) Aeoden Sinclair 2) Camden McDanel 3) Jude Correa 4) Rune Lawrence 5) Remy Cotton 6) Michael Dellagatta 7) Dreshaun Ross 8) Vincenzo Lavalle

220 (4 Top 20’s)

#5 Hayden Walters, Oregon, OR

#10 Dylan Russo, Olentangy Liberty High School, OH

#19 Nicholas Sahakian, St John Bosco High School, CA

#20 Mark Marin, Clovis High School, CA

Honorable Mention

Aidan Schlett, St. Joseph's Regional high School (NJ) | Daniel Elyash, Paramus HS (NJ) | Eli Makel, Waynesburg (PA) | Jared Thiry, Don Bosco (IA) | Mason Brancato, Bergen Catholic (NJ) | Michael Diorio, Ponaganset High School (RI) | Zachary Evans, Chambersburg High School (PA)

220 Seeds

1) Hayden Walters 2) Dylan Russo 3) Jared Thiry 4) Mark Marin 5) Aidan Schlett 6) Gavin Proffitt 7) Nicholas Sahakian 8) Zachary Evans 9) Brendan Raley 10) Noah Todd 11) Dan Church 12) Dante Burns 13) Eli Makel 14) Daniel Elyash 15) Ilias Cholakis 16) Bronx Wood

220 lbs Synopsis

The biggest development at 220 lbs is #5 Hayden Walters' move from 195 lbs to 220 lbs. This could be a temporary move, or it could signal that his future college team, the Michigan Wolverines, might want him at heavyweight. Either way, he'll be the favorite in a weight class with a total of four ranked guys. The toughest competition for Walters up top might be #20 Mark Marin who he could see in the semifinals.

#10 Dylan Russo could see #19 Nicholas Sahakian in a quarterfinal on the bottom side of the bracket. With football season keeping many of the best 220-pounders at home, this isn't the deepest weight class, but there's still plenty to be excited about.

Prediction: 1) Hayden Walters 2) Dylan Russo 3) Nicholas Sahakian 4) Mark Marin 5) Jared Thiry 6) Aidan Schlett 7) Gavin Proffitt 8) Zachary Evans

285 (5 Top 20’s)

#4 Aden Attao, Borah High School, ID

#6 Parker Ferrell, Christiansburg High School, VA

#7 Matthew Moore, Mesa Ridge, CO

#9 Max Acciardi, Paramus catholic, NJ

#16 Aidan Fockler, Massillon Perry High School, OH

Honorable Mention

Dirk Morley, Regis Jesuit High School (CO) | Gabriel Garibaldi, Iona Prep (NY) | Nathan Carnes, Porter Ridge High School (NC) | Willie Cox, Wetumpka High School (AL)

285 Seeds

1) Matthew Moore 2) Aden Attao 3) Parker Ferrell 4) Max Acciardi 5) Aidan Fockler 6) Dirk Morley 7) Nelson Toro 8) Gabriel Garibaldi 9) Austin Foye 10) Eathan Westfall 11) Christopher Belmonte 12) Zach Limon 13) John Burke 14) John Domenic

285 lbs Synopsis

Like 220 lbs, heavyweight is hamstrung a bit by football season. We'll still see five ranked 285-pounders and four in the top ten. #7 Matthew Moore got the top seed, and he's likely to see either #9 Max Acciardi or #16 Aidan Fockler in the semifinals.

On the bottom half of the bracket, #4 Aden Attao and #6 Parker Ferrell appear to be on a collision course in the other semifinal. Don't count out guys like Dirk Morley, Gabriel Garibaldi, Nathan Carnes, and Willie Cox who have turned in solid results in the past.

Prediction: 1) Aden Attao 2) Matthew Moore 3) Parker Ferrell 4) Max Acciardi 5) Aidan Fockler 6) Willie Cox 7) Nathan Carnes 8) Dirk Morley