2022 Grappler Fall Classic

Tough Grappler Fall Classic Field Set For This Weekend

Tough Grappler Fall Classic Field Set For This Weekend

The Grappler Fall Classic goes down this weekend. Here are the ranked and seeded wrestlers who will be in action.

Sep 28, 2022 by David Bray
Tough Grappler Fall Classic Field Set For This Weekend

The Grappler Fall Classic is back, and another loaded field is locked in for this weekend's action. With double-digit ranked wrestlers and way more in the honorable mention category, the action is sure to be outstanding. Full entries are available on the Michigan Grappler website, but check out the field for the High School Elite division right here. Seeded wrestlers are listed below with national rankings included where applicable.

98 lbs

1 - Nathan Walkowiak, Shamrock Select, Michigan (10th)

2 - Gavin Landers, Immortal Athletics WC, Iowa (8th)

3 - Haydn Nutt, Dundee, Michigan (9th)

4 - Mason Katschor, Dundee, Michigan (8th)

5 - Izaak Kukulski, Bay County Roadrunners, Michigan (9th)

6 - Chazz Robinson, Victory Elite, Illinois (9th)

7 - Brady Byrd, Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club, Indiana (11th)

8 - Ryan Totten, Michigan Revolution, Michigan (8th)

Cash Cailliau, TAMAPA BAY TIGERS, Florida (9th)

Ethan Smith, Brighton Bulldogs, Michigan (9th)

Braydon Tougas, Michigan Revolution, Michigan (8th)

105 lbs

1 - HM Ayden Dodd, Perrysburg, Ohio (9th)

2 - Carter Cichocki, Lowell Wrestling Club, Michigan (RS So)

3 - Andrew Punzalan, Cypress Bay, Florida (12th)

4 - Wyatt Lees, Team Shamrock, Michigan (9th)

5 - Grey Burnett, Burnett Trained Wrestling Club, Ohio (8th)

6 - Nick Sorrow, Simmons Academy of Wrestling, Michigan (9th)

7 - Mycah Beckett, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (10th)

8 - Logan Mears, Unaffiliated, Michigan (10th)

9 - Ruben Rivera, TEAM UNIFIED, Michigan (9th)

10 - Brady Baker, Michigan West, Michigan (10th)

11 - David deArmas, Doral Academy, Florida (10th)

12 - Mason Haines, Fantasy Elite Wrestling, Michigan (9th)

13 - DJ Clarke, Buford, Georgia (9th)

14 - Bryce Holt, Romeo, Michigan (9th)

15 - Brice LaFleur, Unaffiliated, Michigan (9th)

16 - Cristian Haslem, Team Donahoe, Michigan (9th)

Micah Curtiss, Shepherd wc, Michigan (8th)

Ethan Dimos, Arsenal, Ohio (10th)

Scott Fuller, Genoa, Ohio (RS Fr)

Luke Green, Arsenal, Ohio (10th)

Mazzy Lambert, Midwest RTC, Michigan (10th)

Joshua Medina, Oregon Clay/ Lake Erie Wrestli, Ohio (10th)

Rudy Messner, Lake Gibson High School, Florida (10th)

Kavel Moore, Harvey Twisters, Illinois (10th)

Carl Nihranz, Dakota, Michigan (9th)

Dustin Otero, Unaffiliated, Ohio (9th)

Oliver Phillips, Baylor wrestling Club, Tennessee (9th)

Drake Pollins, Brighton, Michigan (9th)

Cadon Waatti, Michigan Revolution, Michigan (8th)

Parker Withers, Skyline, Virginia (9th)

112 lbs

1 - #3 Seth Mendoza, Mt. Carmel High School, Illinois (10th)

2 - Antonio Mills, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia (9th)

3 - #18 Colyn Limbert, Arsenal, Ohio (11th)

4 - Roman Lermer, Tampa Jesuit, Florida (11th)

5 - Orion Wilson, Dakota, Michigan (12th)

6 - HM Tyler Washburn, Naples Bears, Florida (12th)

7 - Talan Parsons, Ovid-Elsie, Michigan (11th)

8 - Gabriel Tellez, Eagle Empire, Florida (11th)

9 - Conor McAlary, Michigan Grappler RTC, Michigan (10th)

10 - Anthony Alanis, Relentless, Illinois (11th)

11 - Dale Corbin, Non-Affiliated, Wisconsin (9th)

12 - Dawson Youngblut, Immortal Athletics WC, Iowa (8th)

13 - HM Joseph Uhorchuk, Minion Training Center, Tennessee (9th)

14 - Christian Vazquez, Doral Academy, Florida (11th)

15 - Trevon Oehme, legends of gold, South Dakota (11th)

16 - Camren French, Charlotte, Florida (11th)

Braden Broderick, Fantasy Elite Wrestling, Michigan (9th)

Alexander Denkins, Perrysburg, Ohio (9th)

Simon Dominguez, Detroit Catholic Central, Michigan (11th)

Jordan Escarra, Cypress Bay, Florida (12th)

Johnathan Espinosa, Lake Gibson High School, Florida (11th)

Lincoln Flayter, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (10th)

Cole Gentsch, Iguana Wrestling Club, Illinois (10th)

Ty Henderson, Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club, Indiana (10th)

Ezekiel Hernandez, Oakdale, California (9th)

Malachi Kapenga, Ares, Michigan (10th)

Achira Kerschbaum, Skyline, Michigan (12th)

Corbin Kimmel, Wayne Trace, Ohio (10th)

Zavian LaFountain, Tomahawk Wrestling Club, Ohio (10th)

Elijah Lowe, Lake Gibson High School, Florida (11th)

Kaiyon McKinney, Elyria/Burnett Trained Wrestli, Ohio (10th)

Mason Moody, Compound Wrestling Club, Georgia (11th)

Jace Morgan, Wrestling University, Michigan (10th)

Connor Novosel, Louisville Leopards, Ohio (12th)

Parker Pikor, Lake Catholic, Ohio (11th)

Anthony Sindelar, Arsenal, Ohio (9th)

Josiah Sykes, Skyline, Virginia (9th)

Trevor Wilcox, Elyria/Burnett Trained Wrestli, Ohio (11th)

Austin Zimmerman, KD6 The Club, New York (10th)

119 lbs

1 - #20 Jackson Blum, Lowell Wrestling Club, Michigan (10th)

2 - Jay Peace, Legacy Elite WC, South Carolina (11th)

3 - HM Canon Acklin, Collinsville Cardinal Wrestlin, Oklahoma (11th)

4 - HM Ethan Uhorchuk, Minion Training Center, Tennessee (10th)

5 - HM kade kluce, Dundee, Michigan (11th)

6 - Cole Evans, Perrysburg, Ohio (10th)

7 - HM Bryson Terrell, Minion Training Center, Tennessee (12th)

8 - Patrick Jones, Wellington, Florida (12th)

9 - Durben Carpenter, Teknique Wrestling, Georgia (11th)

10 - Drew Hansen, Askren Wrestling Academy, Michigan (11th)

11 - Ryan Mosher, Holt wrestling club, Michigan (12th)

12 - Ricardo Saenz, Brother Rice, Michigan (10th)

13 - Chaz McDonald, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia (12th)

14 - Johnathan Moder, GKA, Florida (9th)

15 - Ozia Wilson, Dakota, Michigan (10th)

16 - Jack Guerrero, Allendale falcons, Michigan (11th)

Luis Acevedo, Gladiator wrestling, Florida (11th)

Xavier N. Albo, Tampa Bay Tiger WC, Florida (10th)

J.C. Amrhein, Fantasy Elite Wrestling, Michigan (9th)

Braylenn Aulbach, Michigan Grappler RTC, Michigan (10th)

Luke Berktold, Team Tortorice, Illinois (11th)

Logan Bickel, Cascade, Indiana (12th)

Colt Brown, Lake Gibson High School, Florida (12th)

Travis Bucklew, Vinton county, Ohio (10th)

Ryan Cominsky, Eagle Empire, Florida (12th)

Ian Cook, Michigan Grappler RTC, Michigan (10th)

Candio Deluna, Oregon Clay/ Lake Erie Wrestli, Ohio (12th)

Talan Flowers, Three Rivers, Michigan (11th)

Braden Hahlen, Arsenal, Ohio (12th)

Pace Lilenfeld, Level Up Wrestling Center, Georgia (9th)

Rohan Marion, Michigan Grappler RTC, Michigan (11th)

Evan Martinez, Attack Wrestling, Florida (12th)

Calvin Martz, Team Donahoe, Michigan (9th)

Seth Miller, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania (10th)

Sean Murray, Unaffiliated, Michigan (11th)

Jaiden Sarabia, Whitmer, Ohio (10th)

Dillon Smith, Southwest Miami High School, Florida (10th)

Jaxson Taber, CVBJJ, California (12th)

Logan Thomas, Oakdale, California (RS Sr)

Tyler Ueberroth, OTA, Michigan (12th)

Calvin Werden, Western Reserve Academy, Ohio (11th)

Cecilia Williams, Non-Affiliated, Michigan (8th)

Nathaniel Williams, South Dade / Gladiator WC, Florida (11th)

125 lbs

1 - #3 Caden Horwath, Team Donahoe, Michigan (12th)

2 - #8 Jake Crapps, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia (11th)

3 - #19 Drew Heethuis, Shamrock Select, Michigan (12th)

4 - Cameron Chinavare, Fantasy Elite Wrestling, Michigan (11th)

5 - HM Christian Fretwell, Lake Gibson High School, Florida (10th)

6 - HM Caleb Uhorchuk, Minion Training Center, Tennessee (12th)

7 - Clay Gates, Collinsville Cardinal Wrestlin, Oklahoma (12th)

8 - Caleb Weiand, Dakota, Michigan (12th)

9 - HM Colin Bradshaw, Steinbrenner Warriors, Florida (12th)

10 - HM Jarvis Little, spartan wrestling club, Tennessee (11th)

11 - Shawn McGuire, Askren Wrestling Academy, Michigan (12th)

12 - Eziequel Vela, Oakdale, California (11th)

13 - Emmett Nelson, Askren Wrestling Academy, Illinois (10th)

14 - HM Collin Mullins, Minion, Georgia (12th)

15 - Matthew Velasco, Somerset Academy, Florida (12th)

16 - Anthony Perez, Streetsboro, Ohio (12th)

Jesus Aquino, Union County, Indiana (11th)

Luis Arboleda, Gladiator wrestling, Florida (12th)

Joshua Aviles, Gladiator wrestling, Florida (11th)

Kolten Barker, Louisville Leopards, Ohio (11th)

Trenden Bashore, Capital City Wrestling Club, Michigan (10th)

Jayden Bowles, Tampa Bay Tiger WC, Florida (10th)

James Diel, Rockford, Michigan (11th)

Gavin Drenten, Ares, Michigan (10th)

David Fielder, Non-Affiliated, Michigan (11th)

Noah Guthrie, Unaffiliated, Alabama (11th)

Austin Gyorkos, Ares, Michigan (9th)

Jacob Harris, Holt wrestling club, Michigan (11th)

Holden Hawkins, legends of gold, South Dakota (9th)

Gabriel Herrero, Cypress Bay, Florida (12th)

Aiden King, DiSabato, Ohio (10th)

collin mcdowell, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (10th)

Julian Montero, Doral Academy, Florida (12th)

Ryan Mooney, Barracuda wrestling club, Florida (12th)

Bryce Morrison, Ares, Michigan (9th)

Maksim Mukhamedaliyev, Izzy Style Wrestling, Illinois (10th)

Josef Oginsky, Skyline, Michigan (12th)

Spencer Reep, TNWA, Tennessee (11th)

Alejandro Rodriguez, Miami Beach senior High, Florida (11th)

Joseph Romano, Compound Wrestling Club, Ohio (11th)

Lucas Ryan, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (12th)

Keegan Schlabach, Lagrange Wrestling Club, Indiana (12th)

John Stewart, Minion Training Center, Alabama (9th)

Ethan Suennen, Peshtigo bulldogs, Wisconsin (10th)

130 lbs

1 - HM Danny Martinez, Eagle Empire, Florida (12th)

2 - Kaden Chinavare, Fantasy Elite Wrestling, Michigan (12th)

3 - Aaron Lucio, Michigan West, Michigan (12th)

4 - Landen Duncan, Arsenal, Ohio (12th)

5 - HM Amantee Mills, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia (12th)

6 - Hayden Brady, Elite Athletic Club, Indiana (12th)

7 - Gavin Nolan, Clearwater Central Catholic, Florida (10th)

8 - Draven McCall, Tampa Bay Tiger WC, Florida (10th)

9 - Mason Kernan, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania (11th)

10 - Mikey Wilson, Ares, Michigan (RS So)

11 - Landyn Crance, Unaffiliated, Michigan (11th)

12 - Jordon Oehme, legends of gold, South Dakota (12th)

13 - Carson Bissey, Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club, Illinois (10th)

14 - Alex Ropski, Wave Wrestling Club/CBHS, Tennessee (12th)

15 - Nathan Mcgill, Tampa Jesuit, Florida (12th)

16 - ETHAN LIPSEY, Minion, Tennessee (12th)

Charlie Armstrong, Barracuda wrestling club, Florida (12th)

Vance Barz, Pursuit, Minnesota (11th)

Marco Cartella, Western Reserve Academy, Ohio (10th)

JADEN CHARLES, Unaffiliated, South Carolina (11th)

Blake Cosby, Dundee, Michigan (9th)

Russell Crum, Wellington, Florida (11th)

Connor Crumer, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (9th)

Mason Feudale, Team Donahoe, Michigan (12th)

Hunter Heflin, Wave Wrestling Club/CBHS, Tennessee (11th)

Nik Massaro, KD6 The Club, New York (11th)

Samuel Neely, Oakdale, California (12th)

Ryan Phillips, Winter Springs, Florida (11th)

Jacob Reif, Quincy Wrestling Club, Michigan (12th)

Tristan Sainz, Somerset Academy, Florida (9th)

Cody Salomon, Skyline, Virginia (10th)

Joseph Sanderfer Jr., Arsenal, Ohio (10th)

Chandler Sewell, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, South Carolina (11th)

Gaetano Tedesco, Lake Gibson High School, Florida (11th)

135 lbs

1 - HM Justin Gates, Team Donahoe, Michigan (11th)

2 - JOEY BUTTLER, Whiteland Warriors, Indiana (12th)

3 - HM Elvis Solis, South Dade / Gladiator WC, Florida (10th)

4 - HM Blue Stiffler, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia (10th)

5 - Elijah Bunn, Rockford, Michigan (12th)

6 - Owen Segorski, Michigan Grappler RTC, Michigan (10th)

7 - HM Jose Gutierrez, Doral Academy, Florida (10th)

8 - Tristan Corbin, Non-Affiliated, Virginia (11th)

9 - Parker Reynolds, Red Cobra Wrestling Academy, Indiana (9th)

10 - Nolan Larson, Sparta Wrestling Club, Michigan (10th)

11 - Roman Maldonado, Palm Bay, Florida (12th)

12 - Arash Yazdani, spartan wrestling club, Tennessee (11th)

13 - Jonathan Krebs, Ares, Michigan (11th)

14 - Aidan Meyers, South Lyon, Michigan (11th)

15 - Reese Courtney, Center Grove High School, Indiana (11th)

16 - Gavin Greathouse, Uniontown Lake Blue Streaks, Ohio (12th)

Hudson Danielson, Teknique Wrestling, Georgia (11th)

Koen Huepenbecker, NBWC, Michigan (10th)

Malachi Jenkins, AHWC, Michigan (12th)

bryce jennings, Perrysburg, Ohio (10th)

Nahum Krussell, MIGRTC, Michigan (12th)

Jveion Redmon, Compound Wrestling Club, Georgia (10th)

Luke Slone, Teknique Wrestling, Ohio (9th)

Ayden Tatum, St Mary`s, Michigan (9th)

Zachary Taylor, Bouchard Trained, Michigan (10th)

140 lbs

1 - #11 Cameron Catrabone, KD6 The Club, New York (11th)

2 - HM David McClelland, CP Wrestling, Ohio (12th)

3 - #19 Ayson Rice, legends of gold, South Dakota (11th)

4 - Hayden Whidden, Lake Gibson High School, Florida (12th)

5 - HM Anderson Heap, Attack Wrestling, Florida (11th)

6 - Clayton Jones, Detroit Catholic Central, Michigan (12th)

7 - HM Landon Desselle, spartan wrestling club, Tennessee (11th)

8 - JT Chance, Western Reserve Academy, Ohio (12th)

9 - Mason Stewart, Detroit Catholic Central, Michigan (10th)

10 - Fabian Facundo, Northern Elite Pitbull, Michigan (10th)

11 - Jak Keller, Rockford, Michigan (12th)

12 - Nicholas Romero, Caveman, Florida (12th)

13 - JEWELL WILLIAMS, Team Barracuda, Florida (12th)

14 - Tj Langley, Western Reserve Academy, Ohio (11th)

15 - HM Luke Belcher, Unaffiliated, Tennessee (12th)

16 - Jonathan Hernandez, Oakdale, California (12th)

Andrew Barbosa, CVBJJ, California (11th)

Mason Butler, Wave Wrestling Club/CBHS, Tennessee (10th)

Christian Byrne, Downriver Wrestling, Michigan (12th)

Zephan Catalina, Northville, Michigan (11th)

Kevin Concepcion, Somerset Academy, Florida (12th)

William Denny, Victory Elite, Illinois (10th)

Jacob Edwards, Caveman, Florida (12th)

Colin Jewell, Brighton Bulldogs, Michigan (11th)

Matthew Joyce, Unattached, Michigan (11th)

Conner Kimbrough, Compound Wrestling Club, Georgia (12th)

aaron lanster, Miami Beach senior High, Florida (12th)

Jack McGowean, Unattached, Illinois (11th)

Gabriel Miller, Lagrange Wrestling Club, Indiana (12th)

Owen Miller, All American Grappling Academy, Michigan (11th)

Renzo Morgan, Brunson, Illinois (12th)

Mikey Posey, spartan wrestling club, Tennessee (10th)

Cooper Rathburn, Non-Affiliated, Ohio (11th)

Dayveon Rupert, Battle Creek, Michigan (11th)

Daniel Russel, South Lyon, Michigan (12th)

Lukas Selph, Simmons Academy of Wrestling, Michigan (12th)

TEXAS SMITH, Simmons Academy of Wrestling, Michigan (11th)

Austin Smith, Whitmer, Ohio (12th)

Ronnie Theilacker, Palm Bay, Florida (12th)

Hunter Thomson, Roughneck wrestling club, Michigan (RS Jr)

hunter vogus, Brighton Wrestling Club, Ohio (12th)

Marley Washington, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia (11th)

Tony Wood, Jay County Wrestling Club, Indiana (11th)

145 lbs

1 - #6 Dylan Gilcher, Shamrock Select, Michigan (11th)

2 - HM Cooper Haase, Attack Wrestling, Florida (12th)

3 - Aiden Davis, Dundee, Michigan (12th)

4 - Dominic Hoffarth, Louisville Leopards, Ohio (12th)

5 - HM Jaydon Robinson, Victory Elite, Illinois (11th)

6 - Hunter Sturgill, Baylor wrestling Club, Tennessee (10th)

7 - Trason Oehme, legends of gold, South Dakota (12th)

8 - Sebastian Martinez, NBWC, Michigan (10th)

9 - Cody Tavoso, Hinsdale, Illinois (12th)

10 - Luis Bellon, Somerset Academy, Florida (10th)

11 - Isaiah Pelc, Unattached, Michigan (12th)

12 - Colton Silva, Oakdale, California (12th)

13 - Aidan Rush, St. Francis Desales (Columbus), Ohio (11th)

14 - George Maholtz, Eastside, South Carolina (10th)

15 - Mikel Pierce Walker, Team Baracuda Wrestling Club, Florida (11th)

16 - Daniel Ward, Lake Gibson High School, Florida (12th)

Hunter Coxon, Ramchargers (Montrose), Michigan (12th)

Joe DiVello, Skyline, Virginia (10th)

Moses Eads, St.Albans, West Virginia (11th)

Dominic Haines, Jefferson Dragons, Georgia (10th)

Ethan Higgins, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania (10th)

Daniel Krebs, Ares, Michigan (12th)

Kaden Malotke, Reeths puffer highschool, Michigan (12th)

Ethan Mitchell, Findlay, Ohio (12th)

Landon Phillips, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia (10th)

Corbin Ramos, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (12th)

Louis Smith, Three Rivers, Michigan (9th)

Riese Thornberry, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (12th)

Jay`Den Williams, Pontiac, Michigan (9th)

Gavin Young, Tampa Bay Tiger WC, Florida (12th)

152 lbs

1 - HM Braxton Strick, Terminator Wrestling Academy, Missouri (12th)

2 - #17 Dominic Bambinelli, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia (RS So)

3 - HM Kendrick Hodge, Somerset Academy, Florida (11th)

4 - YANNIS CHARLES, Unaffiliated, South Carolina (12th)

5 - Gianni Maldonado, Lake Gibson High School, Florida (11th)

6 - Adrian Ochoa, Eagle Empire, Florida (12th)

7 - Bryce Griffin, Civic Memorial High School, Illinois (11th)

8 - Nathan Furman, Palm Bay, Florida (12th)

9 - Gavin Balmeceda, South Dade / Gladiator WC, Florida (11th)

10 - Cory Thomas, Wrestling University, Michigan (11th)

11 - Owen Eagan, St. Francis Desales (Columbus), Ohio (12th)

12 - Brett Skaug, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (12th)

13 - Aidan Rush, St. Francis Desales (Columbus), Ohio (11th)

14 - Travis Richardson, Brighton Wrestling Club, Michigan (12th)

15 - Gabe Cappellano, Hartland, Michigan (12th)

16 - Owen Foster, Ares, Michigan (12th)

Nash Banko, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (10th)

Jermaine Butler, Victory Elite, Illinois (12th)

Colten Byrd, Team Barracuda, Florida (12th)

Kee DeKeyzer, Skyline, Michigan (12th)

Connor Holm, Elyria/Burnett Trained Wrestli, Ohio (11th)

Brodie Johnson, Oakdale, California (10th)

Kole Katschor, Dundee, Michigan (10th)

Gideon Kinne, Team Donahoe, Michigan (RS Fr)

Kyan Larson, Sparta Wrestling Club, Michigan (12th)

Colin Lutz, Tech Fall, North Carolina (11th)

Joshua Mcmillan, Michigan United, Michigan (12th)

Harris Meekhof, Ares, Michigan (11th)

Hunter Miller, Wawasee, Indiana (12th)

Jaheim Mills, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia (12th)

Tyrell Robby, Miami Beach senior High, Florida (10th)

Michael Sainz, Somerset Academy, Florida (10th)

Enzo Santoro, Doral Academy, Florida (12th)

Tyler Schofield, Simmons Academy of Wrestling, Michigan (11th)

James Simms, Barn athletic, Ohio (11th)

Nathan Vande Hey, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (12th)

Trent Willoughby, South Lyon, Michigan (12th)

160 lbs

1 - Brandon Cody, Tampa Jesuit, Florida (11th)

2 - Logan Farnell, Battling Braves, Indiana (12th)

3 - Andrew Supers, Battlezone Wrestling, Ohio (12th)

4 - Jeb Prechtel, Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club, Indiana (12th)

5 - Hunter Andel, Arsenal, Ohio (12th)

6 - Harrison Konder, Spar Wrestling Academy, Illinois (11th)

7 - TJ Bunn, Detroit Catholic Central, Michigan (RS Sr)

8 - HM Andrew Barford, CP Wrestling, Ohio (10th)

9 - Wills Bronson, Wave (cbhs), Tennessee (12th)

10 - Payne Perkins, Oakdale, California (12th)

11 - Stephen O'Neil, Pursuit, New Jersey (12th)

12 - Zachary Jacobs, Simmons Academy of Wrestling, Michigan (12th)

13 - Drake Bowers, Wave (cbhs), Tennessee (11th)

14 - Landon Miller, Lowell Wrestling Club, Michigan (12th)

15 - Braden Gariety, Jackson Northwest, Michigan (12th)

16 - HM Carson Thomas, Unattached, Ohio (10th)

Austyn Adams, Beat The Streets Cleveland, Ohio (12th)

Cap Benson, Jefferson Dragons, Georgia (10th)

Austin Bowlden, Compound Wrestling Club, Georgia (12th)

Shannon Davie, Eagle Empire, Florida (11th)

Xander Dossett, Compound Wrestling Club, Georgia (9th)

gideon gerber, Oakdale, California (10th)

Justin Gorman, MIGRTC, Michigan (12th)

Kevin Kalchbrenner, (Chicago) Mount Carmel, Illinois (10th)

Thaddeus Kustarz, Roughneck wrestling club, Michigan (12th)

Ransom Randolph, Winter Springs, Florida (12th)

Noah Strantz, legends of gold, Iowa (12th)

Andrew White, Detroit Catholic Central, Michigan (10th)

171 lbs

1 - Abe Wojcikiewicz, Civic Memorial High School, Illinois (12th)

2 - Colin Kelly, Mt. Carmel High School, Illinois (11th)

3 - HM Christian Moder, GKA, Florida (12th)

4 - Brayden Gautreau, Northern Exposure WC, Michigan (12th)

5 - HM Carlos Garcia, Oakdale, California (11th)

6 - HM Conor McCloskey, Teknique Wrestling, Georgia (10th)

7 - Frank Solorzano, Lake Gibson High School, Florida (12th)

8 - Jake Stacey, Next Level Wrestling Club, Tennessee (11th)

9 - HM Silas Dailey, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin (11th)

10 - HM Elijah Penton, Winter Springs, Florida (11th)

11 - chance cole, PURLER WRESTLING, Missouri (12th)

12 - Nick Rochowiak, Hartland, Michigan (12th)

13 - CAMERON ADAMS, Detroit Catholic Central, Michigan (12th)

14 - Aidan Costello, Elite Athletic Club, Indiana (10th)

15 - Nathan Andrina, Edwardsburg, Michigan (12th)

16 - Trey Myers, Michigan Grappler RTC, Michigan (11th)

Maxwell Corral, Victory Elite, Illinois (11th)

Jonathan Fulgencio, Victory Elite, Illinois (12th)

Albert Manzini, Doral Academy, Florida (12th)

Bradley Mayse, Roughneck wrestling club, Michigan (12th)

Noah Perez, Somerset Academy, Florida (11th)

Steven Shellenberger, Shamrock Select, Michigan (12th)

Brycen Turner, Palm Bay, Florida (12th)

Christian Werner, Detroit Catholic Central, Michigan (12th)

189 lbs

1 - HM Sonny Kling, CVBJJ, California (11th)

2 - Jacob Navarro, NBWC, Michigan (12th)

3 - Brayden Bobo, Hartland, Michigan (12th)

4 - Troy Demas, Constantine High School, Michigan (12th)

5 - Elias Corona, Oakdale, California (11th)

6 - Luke Justice, spartan wrestling club, Tennessee (12th)

7 - Christian Chavez, Midwest RTC, Indiana (12th)

8 - Christopher Sanchez, Gladiator wrestling, Florida (11th)

Joel Carrillo, Doral Academy, Florida (11th)

Gabriel Gair, Sparta, Michigan (11th)

franklyn ordonez, Eagle Empire, Florida (12th)

Jensen Schreiber, spartan wrestling club, Tennessee (11th)

Lertola Vinny, De La Salle Collegiate, Michigan (12th)

215 lbs

1 - #7 Remy Cotton, Team Donahoe, Michigan (12th)

2 - HM Adam Haselius, Simmons Academy of Wrestling, Michigan (12th)

3 - HM Owen Pummel, Barn athletic, Ohio (10th)

4 - Drew Allgeyer, Bark River, Michigan (12th)

5 - Tanner Meyers, legends of gold, South Dakota (12th)

6 - Grady Iobe, Union City, Michigan (12th)

7 - Kaijehl Williams, Bc Elite, Michigan (12th)

8 - David Hernandez, Swan Valley, Michigan (12th)

Tristan Clay-Radcliffe, Pitbulls WC, Michigan (12th)

Jonathan Fraga, Eagle Empire, Florida (12th)

Emilio Johnson, Oakdale, California (11th)

Joshua Maldonado, Winter Springs, Florida (12th)

Latham Perry, Imlaycity, Michigan (12th)

Logan Tollison, Simmons Academy of Wrestling, Michigan (9th)

285 lbs

1 - Eathan Westfall, Simmons Academy of Wrestling, Michigan (12th)

2 - SHANE COOK, Whitehall, Michigan (12th)

3 - Austin Foye, Bears Wrestling Club Inc., Florida (12th)

4 - Lionel Baldwin, AHWC, Michigan (12th)

5 - Aaron Garcia, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia (12th)

6 - Leonard Christian, Palm Bay, Florida (10th)

7 - Laken Piepkow, Unaffiliated, Michigan (12th)