2022 Final X NYC

Complete Final X College Guide

Complete Final X College Guide

See who your favorite college is sending to 2022 Final X, presented by Tezos, and how they did while they were there.

May 31, 2022 by Andrew Spey
Complete Final X College Guide

America's best wrestlers will put it on the line at two Final X events in the upcoming days. While some are still in college, most have wrapped up their collegiate careers. Take a look at who your favorite team is sending to each Final X event and how they did below! Just because a wrestler doesn't have a college listed, doesn't mean they didn't go to school, just that they didn't compete for a school. Most who don't have a school attended Northern Michigan University and trained at the Olympic Training Site. 

Final X Stillwater

NC StateJakob Camacho57 kg MFS (true 3rd)Zane RichardsIllinois
MissouriJoey Lavallee74 kg MFS (true 3rd)David CarrIowa State

Sammy Jones63 kg GRJesse ThielkeWisconsin
CumberlandsDymond Guilford76 kg WFSYelena MakoyedNorth Central
Nebraska (football)Tanner Farmer130 kg GRCohlton SchultzArizona State
Penn StateZain Retherford70 kg MFSJordan OliverOklahoma State
MinnesotaPat Smith72 kg GRBenji Peak
Texas WesleyanLexie Basham59 kg WFSAbby NetteCampbellsville
Grand ViewBen Provisor82 kg GRSpencer Woods
IowaThomas Gilman57 kg MFSVito ArujauCornell

Max Nowry55 kg GRBrady KoontzOhio State
Oklahoma StateDaton Fix61 kg MFSSeth GrossSDSU

Jenna Burkert55 kg WFSJacarra WinchesterMissouri Valley
MissouriJ'den Cox92 kg MFSNate JacksonIndiana
KingForrest Molinari65 kg WFSMallory VelteSimon Fraser
Ohio StateKyle Snyder97 kg MFSKollin MooreOhio State
Wayland BaptistTamyra Mensah-Stock68 kg WFSSienna RamirezSouthern Oregon

Div I Accolades of Final X Wrestlers

57 kg - Thomas Gilman, Iowa: DNC, 4, 2, 3

57 kg - Vito Arujau, Cornell: 4, 3, ?, ?

61 kg - Seth Gross, South Dakota State/Wisconsin: 12, 2, 1, C19

61 kg - Daton Fix, Oklahoma State: 2, 2, 2, ?

70 kg - Jordan Oliver, Oklahoma State: 4, 1, 2, 1

70 kg - Zain Retherford, Penn State: 5, 1, 1, 1

92 kg - Nate Jackson, Indiana: DNS, 16, 5, 8

92 kg - J'den Cox, Missouri: 1, 5, 1, 1

97 kg - Kyle Snyder, Ohio State: 2, 1, 1, 1

97 kg - Kollin Moore, Ohio State: 3, 4, 2, C19

Final X New York City

StanfordHaydn Maley97 kg GR (true 3rd)Luke SheridanIndiana
Simon FraserLauren Mason55 kg WFS (true 3rd)Alisha Howk
Nebraska-KearneyDaniel DeShazer61 kg MFS (true 3rd)Nico MegaludisPenn State
McKendreeCameron Guerin57 kg WFS (true 3rd)Amanda MartinezNorth Central
Penn StateVincenzo Joseph79 kg MFS (true 3rd)Carter StarocciPenn State

Macey Kilty62 kg WFS (true 3rd)Alexandria Liles
Penn StateMark Hall86 kg MFS (true 3rd)Trent HidlayNC State
McKendreeEmma Bruntil65 kg WFS (true 3rd)Maya Letona
NC StateIsaac Trumble92 kg MFS (true 3rd)Jonathan AielloVirginia

Kamal Bey77 kg GRBritton Holmes
BrockSkylar Grote72 kg WFSAmit Elor
CornellYianni Diakomihalis65 kg MFSEvan HendersonNorth Carolina

Alan Vera87 kg GRTimothy YoungOld Dominion
NDSUHayden Zillmer125 kg MFSNick GwiazdowskiNC State

Alejandro Sancho67 kg GRAlston Nutter
McKendreeFelicity Taylor53 WFSDom ParrishSimon Fraser

Dalton Roberts60 kg GRIldar Hafizov
CampbellsvilleKayla Miracle62 kg WFSJennifter Rogers

G'Angelo Hancock97 kg GRBraxton AmosWisconsin
KingSarah Hildebrandt50 kg WFSAlyssa Lampe
CornellKyle Dake74 kg MFSJason NolfPenn State
Simon FraserHelen Maroulis57 kg WFSAlex HedrickSimon Fraser
NebraskaJordan Burroughs79 kg MFSChance MarstellerLock Haven
Penn StateDavid Taylor86 kg MFSZahid ValenciaAriztableona State

Div I Accolades Of Final X Wrestlers

65 kg - Evan Henderson, North Carolina: 32, 6, 4, 32

65 kg - Yianni Diakomihalis, Cornell: 1, 1, 1, ?

74 kg - Kyle Dake, Cornell: 1, 1, 1, 1

74 kg - Jason Nolf, Penn State: 2, 1, 1, 1

79 kg - Jordan Burroughs, Nebraska: 24, 3, 1, 1

79 kg - Chance Marsteller, Oklahoma State/Lock Haven: DNC, DNC, 4, 3

86 kg - David Taylor, Penn State: 2, 1, 2, 1

86 kg - Zahid Valencia, Arizona State: 3, 1, 1, C19

125 kg - Hayden Zillmer, North Dakota State: DNC, 32, 6, 16

125 kg - Nick Gwiazdowski, North Carolina State: 8, 1, 1, 2

Total Statistics

The table below only includes Final X participants as they are shown above. This does not include true 3rd matches.

School# Of Wrestlers
Simon Fraser4
Penn State3
Ohio State3
Oklahoma State2
Arizona State2
Wayland Baptist1
Texas Wesleyan1
Southern Oregon1
Old Dominion1
North Central1
North Carolina1
Nebraska (football)1
NC State1
Missouri Valley1
Lock Haven1
Grand View1

Div I national champions: 12

Div I multiple-time national champions: 11

Div I national titles: 30