2021 Super 32

Super 32 Lightweight Preview & Predictions

Super 32 Lightweight Preview & Predictions

Before Super 32 kicks off next week, check out the incredibly deep lightweight fields that will be in action in Greensboro.

Oct 18, 2021 by David Bray

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Super 32 has earned a reputation for creating almost impossibly deep brackets that yield some of the best wrestling action starting in the early rounds. The five lightest weights have the kind of depth you'd expect at Super 32. Get a load of the top talent in the lightest weight.

106 lbs

The lightest weight class is also the most transient as guys tend to move up from 106 lbs relatively quickly, but don't let that fool you about how tough this group will be in Greensboro.

Last year's podium at 106 lbs included three of this year's participants at Who's Number One, two Fargo champs, and a World bronze medalist, so don't sleep on 106. Here are some of the toughest guys at the top.

#3 Beric Jordan, Graham High School, OH

#10 Nathan Desmond, Bethlehem Catholic, PA

#13 Cooper Hilton, Wyoming Seminary, PA

#14 Seth Mendoza, Mount Carmel, IL

#15 Christian Castillo, Valiant College Prep, AZ

#17 Canon Acklin, Collinsville High School, OK

#19 Jamarcus Smith, Detroit Mumford, MI

HM Bo Bassett, Bishop McCort, PA

HM Dru Ayala, Fort Dodge Senior High School, IA

HM Blake Beissel, Hastings High School, MN

HM Louie Gill, hickory, PA

HM Logan Lau, Mid Pacific Institute, HI

HM Brandon Morvari, Simley, MN

HM Davis Motyka, Wyoming Seminary, PA

HM Bryson Terrell, Bradley Central High School, TN

HM Josh Vasquez, Grandville, MI

HM Carson Walsh, Pope John, NJ

The returning placer in this group is also the highest-ranked man in the field. Beric Jordan was 5th in Myrtle Beach a year ago and was also an NHSCA champ last spring. He'll look to stay on top of this bunch but will be pushed by a tough crop.

Bo Bassett would be ranked high on this list if he were in high school, but the Cadet World champ still has a year before entering Bishop McCort High School. He could certainly threaten to win this whole bracket. He's coming off a victory over Fargo champ Seth Mendoza (who is also in this field), and he's proven to have one of the most relentless gas tanks in the country.

Bassett and Mendoza's Futures Match at Who's Number One


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Fargo AA Nathan Desmond, U15 champ Cooper Hilton, and ranked hammers Christian Castillo, Canon Acklin, and Jamarcus Smith are all in the top 20, but don't forget about the honorable mention group that's itching for a spot in the rankings.

Predictions: 1) Bo Bassett 2) Berick Jordan 3) Cooper Hilton 4) Seth Mendoza 5) Nathan Desmond 6) Canon Acklin 7) Christian Castillo 8) Jamarcus Smith

113 lbs

Super 32 is one of the times of the year when 106-pounders decide they're moving up to 113, and this year is no exception. Seven of the top 12 from 106 (including #1 Anthony Knox and #2 Luke Lilledahl) will be moving up. Add nine ranked 113-pounders to the registration list, and we have a field where at least half of the nationally-ranked competitors are guaranteed to finish off the podium.

113 - #1 (106) Anthony Knox, Saint John Vianney High School, NJ

113 - #2 (106) Luke Lilledahl, Christian Brothers College, MO

113 - #4 Vinny Kilkeary, Greater Latrobe, PA

113 - #5 (106) Daniel Guanajuato, Valiant college prepatory, AZ

113 - #6 Alan Koehler, Prior Lake, MN

113 - #8 (106) Marcus Blaze, Perrysburg High School, OH

113 - #9 (106) Jackson Blum, Lowell, MI

113 - #11 Dominic Mendez, Righetti, CA

113 - #11 (106) Ethan Rivera, Lake Highland Prep, FL

113 - #12 (106) Brady Roark, Seneca High School, MO

113 - #13 Cole Hunt, Cass, GA

113 - #14 Jacob Joyce, Ponaganset, RI

113 - #15 Drew Heethuis, Detroit Catholic Central, MI

113 - #16 Tyler Knox, St. John's Prep, MA

113 - #18 Draegen Orine, Seckman, MO

113 - #19 (120) Gauge Botero, Faith Christian Academy, PA

113 - HM Jax Forrest, Bishop McCort, PA

113 - HM Jameson Garcia, Marmion Academy, IL

113 - HM Gabe Giampietro, Smyrna HS, DE

113 - HM Christian Guzman, Christopher Columbus HS, FL

113 - HM Max Hermes, Milan Edison, OH

113 - HM Sam Herring, Bishop McCort, PA

113 - HM Ashton Jackson, Laporte high school, IN

113 - HM Dan Jones, Delbarton, NJ

113 - HM Marcello Milani, St. Marys, MI

113 - HM Cael Nasdeo, Williamsport, PA

113 - HM Noah Nininger, Staunton River High School, VA

113 - HM Carter Nogle, Mount Saint Joseph, MD

113 - HM Isiac Paulino, MontyTech, MA

113 - HM Zachary Silvis, Park High School, MN

113 - HM Logan Swensen, Wayzata High School, MN

113 - HM Bryson Valdez, Aztec High School, NM

113 - HM Carson Wagner, Northampton Area, PA

Knox and Lilledahl may be the two highest-ranked guys in the bracket, but they'll have to contend with returning Super 32 champ Vinny Kilkeary if they want to take home a Super 32 belt, and remember, Kilkeary knocked off Knox at this tournament in 2020.

Kilkeary and Knox met in the Super 32 quarterfinals a year ago


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It would be foolish to rush to too many conclusions at this weight as it's full of Fargo All-Americans and other ridiculously accomplished athletes. A number of the guys in the honorable mention list could make serious statements as well.

Fargo finalist Sam Herring and 4th place finisher Jax Forrest are part of a growing power program at Bishop McCort, but as 8th graders, they are yet to be ranked.

The long list of credentialed light weights makes this a bracket to keep your eyes on as something unexpected is bound to happen.

Predictions: 1) Anthony Knox 2) Vinny Kilkeary 3) Luke Lilledahl 4) Daniel Guanajuato 5) Cole Hunt 6) Jacob Joyce 7) Tyler Knox 8) Drew Heethuis

120 lbs

This bracket has the potential to blow up the current top 20 rankings as a hungry group outside the top 20 is sure to create a whole lot of upsets of the 13 ranked guys in this field.

120 - #1 Nathanael Jesuroga, Southeast Polk, IA

120 - #3 (113) Brock Mantanona, Palm Desert High School, CA

120 - #5 Kyle Montaperto, Central Academy of Technology and Arts, NC

120 - #7 (113) Caden Horwath, Davison HS, MI

120 - #8 (113) Conor Collins, Southern Regional, NJ

120 - #10 Aden Valencia, Ann Sobrato High School, CA

120 - #12 Dillon Campbell, Legacy Christian Academy, OH

120 - #14 Kael Lauridsen, Bennington HS, NE

120 - #16 Maddox Shaw, Thomas Jefferson, PA

120 - #17 (113) Caleb Thoennes, STMA, MN

120 - #18 Dalton Perry, Central Mountain, PA

120 - #20 Tyler Ferrara, Chenango Forks, NY

120 - #20 (113) Drew Gorman, Buford High School, GA

120 - HM Trever Anderson, Ankeny, IA

120 - HM Brycen Arbogast, Benedictine Prep, VA

120 - HM Omar Ayoub, Dublin Coffman, OH

120 - HM Jackson Baglio, Central Cabarrus High, NC

120 - HM Jake Crapps, Cass High School, GA

120 - HM Billy Dekraker, McDonogh School, VA

120 - HM Peyton Fenton, Elyria high school, OH

120 - HM Zan Fugitt, Nixa, MO

120 - HM Kyison Garcia, Mountain Ridge, UT

120 - HM Logan Graf, Rapid City Stevens, SD

120 - HM Billy Greenwood, Poudre High School, CO

120 - HM Derek Guanajuato, Valiant college preparatory, AZ

120 - HM Jaxon Joy, Wadsworth, OH

120 - HM Paul Kelly, Poway, CA

120 - HM Mason Leiphart, Dover, PA

120 - HM Coleman Nogle, Mount Saint Joseph, MD

120 - HM Jaden Pepe, Wyoming Area, PA

120 - HM Ethan Perryman, Temecula Valley High School, CA

120 - HM Camron Phetxoumphone, Webster City High School, IA

120 - HM Brady Pruett, Archbishop Spalding, MD

120 - HM Luke Stanich, Roxbury High School, NJ

120 - HM Yanni Vines, Thompson High School, AL

120 - HM Anthony Walker, Detroit Catholic Central, MI

120 - HM Kolby Warren, Christian Brothers College HS, MO

At the top, Nate Jesuroga looks to defend his #1 ranking. He's in good position to do just that, but don't forget that crazy things happen at Super 32. In fact, last year Jesuroga seemed to be finals bound but was upset early in a controversial match against Nick Corday. Still, after his Cadet World bronze medal performance this summer and recent victory over Joey Cruz at Who's Number One, he's clearly the favorite. It is worth mentioning that Joey Cruz was originally registered for Super 32 but is no longer planning to attend.

Nate Jesuroga's Who's Number One victory over Joey Cruz


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Including Jesuroga, there are six returning Super 32 placers in this group. #5 Kyle Montaperto, #7 Cadetn Horwath, #12 Dillon Campbell, and #17 Caleb Thoennes all look to get back on that Super 32 podium. Of that group, Horwarth had the most success as he took home the Super 32 belt at 113 lbs last year.

This bracket, like 113 lbs, has a lot of guys moving up to 120 lbs for the first time, and it will be interesting to learn where those guys fit in the national landscape. Chaos is the only certainty at 120 lbs, and I'm looking forward to it.

Prediction: 1) Nate Jesuroga 2) Kyle Montaperto 3) Caden Horwath 4) Kael Lauridsen 5) Aden Valencia 6) Brock Mantanona 7) Dalton Perry 8) Matty Lopes

126 lbs

This bracket will feature 15 ranked guys and five returning Super 32 placers, and the top spot really does seem up for grabs. Here is a list of some of the top contenders who will be in action.

126 - #1 Sergio Lemley, Mount Carmel, IN

126 - #4 Cory Land, Moody High School, AL

126 - #4 (120) Kannon Webster, Washington, IL

126 - #6 Gabe Whisenhunt, Crescent Valley High School, OR

126 - #7 (120) Evan Mougalian, Kinnelon High School, NJ

126 - #7 Vincent Robinson, Homewood Flossmoor, IL

126 - #8 Kyler Larkin, Valiant College Preparatory, AZ

126 - #9 (113) Ryan Ford, Bergen Catholic, NJ

126 - #9 (120) Adrian Meza, Valiant College Prep, AZ

126 - #10 PJ Duke, Minisink Valley, NY

126 - #11 (120) Grigor Cholakyan, St John Bosco, CA

126 - #13 Fernando Barreto, Walnut high school, CA

126 - #14 Landon Robideau, STMA, MN

126 - #17 Vince Bouzakis, Wyoming Seminary, PA

126 - #17 (120) Jacob Myers, Ponderosa High School, CO

126 - HM Jackson Bond, Baylor, GA

126 - HM Cisco Cabrera, Buchanan, CA

126 - HM Brennen Cernus, Wyoming Seminary, OH

126 - HM Colby Crouch, Civic Memorial, IL

126 - HM Dominic DiTomasso, Lowndes Highschool, GA

126 - HM Logan Frazier, Crown Point High School, IN

126 - HM Evan Frost, Dowling Catholic, LA

126 - HM Garrett Funk, Don Bosco High School, IA

126 - HM Max Gallagher, Bayport Blue Point High School, NY

126 - HM Marcel Lopez, New London High School, IA


126 - HM Luke Poore, Caravel Academy, DE

126 - HM Gable Porter, Underwood, IA

126 - HM Kollin Rath, Bethlehem Catholic, PA

126 - HM Ayson Rice, Canton High School, SD

126 - HM McKinley Robbins, Greene County High School, IA

126 - HM Santino Robinson, Mascoutah H. S., IL

126 - HM Keyveon Roller, Lakeway Christian Academy, TN

126 - HM Zeth Romney, Chaminade College Preparatory High School, CA

126 - HM Ethan Sellers, Colquitt County High School, GA

126 - HM Nathan Taylor, Kingsway, NJ

Sergio Lemly is currently the top-ranked man at 126 lbs, but that ranking will be put to the test against a brutal field in Greensboro. Some of the top contenders to take over that top spot are Greco Cadet World silver medalist Cory Land, Fargo champ Kannon Webster, and Super 32 finalist PJ Duke.

Other serious threats include #7 Vincent Robinson whose upset victory over Dean Peterson at Fargo opened a lot of eyes, Kyler Larkin, who took out Mason Gibson in Fargo, and Adrian Meza who won the 16u division in Fargo.

This bracket has depth way beyond those guys as well, so make this weight a priority next weekend.

Predictions: 1) PJ Duke 2) Kannon Webster 3) Vincent Robinson 4) Cory Land 5) Sergio Lemley 6) Gabe Whisenhunt 7) Kyler Larkin 8) Adrian Meza

132 lbs

A year ago, Nic Bouzakis would have been one of the biggest favorites to win this or any bracket, but this year he may just have to avenge a loss to #3 Emilio Ysaguirre, and, oh yeah, there are 16 ranked wrestlers in this field. Here are the top dogs at 132.

132 - #1 Nic Bouzakis, Wyoming Seminary, PA

132 - #3 Emilio Ysaguirre, Valiant college prep, AZ

132 - #4 Zeke Seltzer, Indianapolis Cathedral High School, IN

132 - #5 Danny Nini, Lake Highland Prep, FL

132 - #9 Brock Bobzien, Poway High School, CA

132 - #11 (126) Braden Basile, Jesuit- Tampa, FL

132 - #12 (126) Dario Lemus, Clovis High School, CA

132 - #15 Ryder Block, Waverly Shell Rock, IA

132 - #15 (120) Jakob Romero, Pomona, CO

132 - #16 (138) Chase Deblaere, Simley, MN

132 - #16 Jake Niffenegger, Cincinnati Lasalle, OH

132 - #18 Greyson Clark, Kaukauna High School, WI

132 - #19 (126) Mac Church, Waynesburg, PA

132 - #19 Jordan Soriano, W. Tresper Clarke High School, NY

132 - #20 (126) Kai Owen, Wyoming Seminary, FL

132 - #20 Tyler Vazquez, Delbarton, NJ

132 - HM Anthony Aniciete, Slam, NV

132 - HM Spencer Barnhart, Malvern Prep, PA

132 - HM Koy Buesgens, New Prague, MN

132 - HM Sam Cartella, Western Reserve Academy, OH

132 - HM Jacob Frost, Dowling Catholic, LA

132 - HM Collin Guffey, Granite Hills High School, CA

132 - HM Brady Hankin, Woodland Park High School, CO

132 - HM Camron Lacure, Legacy Christian, OH

132 - HM Jason Mara, Meridian High School, ID

132 - HM Cash Raymond, Simley High School, MN

132 - HM Jace Rhodes, Mason City High School, IA

132 - HM Eligh Rivera, Lake Highland Prep, FL

132 - HM Colton Stoneking, Waynesburg, PA

132 - HM Cole Thomas, Ryle High School, KY

132 - HM Owen Uhls, Fulton High School, MO

Despite Nic Bouzakis' loss to Emilio Ysaguirre in Fargo, he'll be the favorite here, but Ysaguirre proved that Bouzakis isn't invincible, a fact that many wrestlers in this field might find comforting.

Ysaguirre's upset over Bouzakis in the Fargo quarterfinals


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Ysaguirre became known as an upset specialist last year when he took out Jordan Titus, but he'll have the target on his back this time as the #3 man in the country. He'll be joined in this field by three other guys who finished in the top four at Super 32 last year: Zeke Seltzer, Mac Church, and Jacob Frost.

Those guys, however, will all need multiple ranked wins to place in the top eight in Greensboro with 16 ranked wrestlers and 14 more just outside the rankings.

Predictions: 1) Nic Bouzakis 2) Emilio Ysaguirre 3) Zeke Seltzer 4) Brock Bobzien 5) Ryder Block 6) Jake Niffenegger 7) Danny Nini 8) Mac Church