2019 EWL Championships

2019 EWL Championship Pre-Seeds

2019 EWL Championship Pre-Seeds

Pre-seeds have been released for the 2019 EWL championships

Mar 7, 2019 by Wrestling Nomad

Pre-seeds have been released for the final EWL tournament. Now that we have an idea of how brackets will look, be sure to go back and check out our tournament preview.

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Wrestling begins Saturday, March 9 at 10 a.m. ET

The last conference rankings before the tournament begins. Make sure you know how many automatic qualifiers each weight has been allocated.

125 Pounds

  1. Luke Werner, Lock Haven
  2. Jonathan Tropea, Rider
  3. Willy Girard, Bloomsburg
  4. Lucas Rodriguez, Edinboro

133 Pounds

  1. DJ Fehlman, Lock Haven
  2. Shawn Orem, Bloomsburg
  3. Anthony Cefolo, Rider
  4. Seth Koleno, Clarion

141 Pounds

  1. Kyle Shoop, Lock Haven
  2. Travis Layton, Rider
  3. Carmine Ciotti, Edinboro
  4. Sam Matzek, Cleveland State

149 Pounds

  1. Tejon Anthony, George Mason
  2. Avery Shay, Clarion
  3. Evan Fidelibus, Rider
  4. Brady Barnett, Cleveland State
  5. Brock Port, Lock Haven

157 Pounds

  1. Kolby Ho, George Mason
  2. Alex Klucker, Lock Haven
  3. Gino Fluri, Rider
  4. Nate Newberry, Bloomsburg
  5. Nico Odor, Cleveland State

165 Pounds

  1. Chance Marsteller, Lock Haven
  2. Jesse Dellavecchia, Rider
  3. Colston DiBlasi, George Mason
  4. Evan Delong, Clarion

174 Pounds

  1. Jacob Oliver, Edinboro
  2. Dean Sherry, Rider
  3. Taylor Cahill, Clarion
  4. Jared Siegrist, Lock Haven

184 Pounds

  1. Corey Hazel, Lock Haven
  2. Trevor Allard, Bloomsburg
  3. Michale Fagg-Daves, Rider
  4. Zach Ancewicz, Edinboro

197 Pounds

  1. Greg Bulsak, Clarion
  2. Luke McGonigal, Lock Haven
  3. Dylan Reynolds, Edinboro
  4. Ethan Laird, Rider

285 Pounds

  1. Matt Voss, George Mason
  2. Thomas Haines, Lock Haven
  3. Jon Spaulding, Edinboro
  4. Ryan Cloud, Rider