2019 Big Ten Wrestling Championship

Pre-Seeds Released For The 2019 Big Ten Championship

Pre-Seeds Released For The 2019 Big Ten Championship

Pre-seeds have been released for the 2019 Big Ten Championships

Mar 4, 2019 by Wrestling Nomad

Pre-seeds have been released for the 2019 Big Ten tournament. Check them out for all 10 weights below.

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March 9-10 | 10:00 AM Central

Held this year on the campus of the University of Minnesota at Williams Arena, the tournament will start this Saturday and end on Sunday. Last week we took a stab at predicting how the pre-seeds would shake out.

The seeding meeting will be Friday afternoon, so any changes to the pre-seeds will be known by the evening of the eighth. Pre-seeds can only be changed if the athletes are within three points of each other. These pre-seeds are the result of aggregating a poll from each of the 14 Big Ten head coaches.

Remember, seeds are based on allocation numbers. If a weight has 8 or fewer auto qualifier spots, the seeding goes to eight. If a weight has 9 or more, than all 14 entrants are seeded.

125 Pounds

  1. Sebastian Rivera, Northwestern
  2. Spencer Lee, Iowa
  3. Sean Russell, Minnesota
  4. RayVon Foley, Michigan State
  5. Travis Piotrowski, Illinois
  6. Drew Mattin, Michigan
  7. Zeke Moisey, Nebraska
  8. Malik Heinselman, Ohio State
  9. Devin Schroder, Purdue
  10. Elijah Oliver, Indiana
  11. Brandon Cray, Maryland
  12. Devin Schnupp, Penn State
  13. Shane Metzler, Rutgers
  14. Ethan Rotondo, Wisconsin

133 Pounds

  1. Stevan Micic, Michigan
  2. Austin DeSanto, Iowa
  3. Nick Suriano, Rutgers
  4. Roman Bravo-Young, Penn State
  5. Luke Pletcher, Ohio State
  6. Ethan Lizak, Minnesota
  7. Ben Thornton, Purdue
  8. Dylan Duncan, Illinois
  9. Anthony Tutolo, Michigan State
  10. Colin Valdiviez, Northwestern
  11. Jens Lantz, Wisconsin
  12. Paul Konrath, Indiana
  13. Jevon Parrish, Nebraska
  14. Orion Anderson, Maryland

141 Pounds

  1. Michael Carr, Illinois
  2. Nick Lee, Penn State
  3. Joey McKenna, Ohio State
  4. Tristan Moran, Wisconsin
  5. Kanen Storr, Michigan
  6. Mitch McKee, Minnesota
  7. Max Murin, Iowa
  8. Chad Red, Nebraska
  9. Pete Lipari, Rutgers
  10. Nate Limmex, Purdue
  11. Kyle Luigs, Indiana
  12. Austin Eicher, Michigan State
  13. Danny Bertoni, Maryland
  14. Alec McKenna, Northwestern

149 Pounds

  1. Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers
  2. Micah Jordan, Ohio State
  3. Pat Lugo, Iowa
  4. Thomas Thorn, Minnesota
  5. Cole Martin, Wisconsin
  6. Brady Berge, Penn State
  7. Shayne Oster, Northwestern
  8. Malik Amine, Michigan

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157 Pounds

  1. Jason Nolf, Penn State
  2. Tyler Berger, Nebraska
  3. Ryan Deakin, Northwestern
  4. Alec Pantaleo, Michigan
  5. Kaleb Young, Iowa
  6. Steve Bleise, Minneesota
  7. Ke-Shawn Hayes, Ohio State
  8. Eric Barone, Illinois
  9. Griffin Parriott, Purdue
  10. John Van Brill, Rutgers
  11. Jake Danishek, Indiana
  12. Jake Tucker, Michigan State
  13. Garrett Model, Wisconsin
  14. Adam Whitesell, Maryland

165 Pounds

  1. Vincenzo Joseph, Penn State
  2. Alex Marinelli, Iowa
  3. Evan Wick, Wisconsin
  4. Isaiah White, Nebraska
  5. Logan Massa, Michigan
  6. Te’Shawn Campbell, Ohio State
  7. Bryce Martin, Indiana
  8. Carson Brolsma, Minnesota
  9. Joseph Gunther, Illinois
  10. Tyler Morland, Northwestern
  11. Phillip Spadafora, Maryland
  12. Stephan Glasgow, Rutgers
  13. Austin Hiles, Michigan State
  14. Cole Wysocki, Purdue

174 Pounds

  1. Mark Hall, Penn State
  2. Myles Amine, Michigan
  3. Dylan Lydy, Purdue
  4. Mikey Labriola, Nebraska
  5. Devin Skatzka, Minnesota
  6. Ethan Smith, Ohio State
  7. Ryan Christensen, Wisconsin
  8. Drew Hughes, Michigan State
  9. Joe Grello, Rutgers
  10. Mitch Bowman, Iowa
  11. Carver James, Illinois
  12. Jake Covaciu, Indiana
  13. Josh Ugalde, Maryland
  14. Braxton Cody, Northwestern

184 Pounds

  1. Myles Martin, Ohio State
  2. Shakur Rasheed, Penn State
  3. Taylor Venz, Nebraska
  4. Emery Parker, Illinois
  5. Cash Wilcke, Iowa
  6. Mason Reinhardt, Wisconsin
  7. Jelani Embree, Michigan
  8. Max Lyon, Purdue
  9. Nick Gravina, Rutgers
  10. Cameron Caffey, Michigan State
  11. Norman Conley, Indiana
  12. Brandon Krone, Minnesota
  13. Kyle Jasenski, Maryland
  14. Brendan Devine, Northwestern

197 Pounds

  1. Bo Nickal, Penn State
  2. Kollin Moore, Ohio State
  3. Jacob Warner, Iowa
  4. Christian Brunner, Purdue
  5. Eric Schultz, Nebraska
  6. Jackson Striggow, Michigan
  7. Dylan Anderson, Minnesota
  8. Brad Wilton, Michigan State

285 Pounds

  1. Gable Steveson, Minnesota
  2. Anthony Cassar, Penn State
  3. Mason Parris, Michigan
  4. Trent Hillger, Wisconsin
  5. Chase Singletary, Ohio State
  6. Conan Jennings, Northwestern
  7. David Jensen, Nebraska
  8. Sam Stoll, Iowa