Is McKendree's Transfer Haul The Most Impressive In Wrestling History?

Is McKendree's Transfer Haul The Most Impressive In Wrestling History?

McKendree had 10 All-Americans transfer into the program over the past year, and that doesn't include a top-ranked high school recruiting class.

Aug 29, 2023 by Kyle Klingman

Has there ever been a bigger and more impressive transfer haul than McKendree’s women’s team? Good luck finding another program that added 10 All-American transfers to a program over the course of one year.

Transfer after improbable transfer has landed in Lebanon, Illinois, to compete for the Bearcats this season. 

Emily Shilson — an undefeated four-time NCWWC (NCAA schools) champion — made the move to McKendree after three successful seasons at Augsburg. That led to a staggering class that is tops in the country. And that doesn’t include a top high school recruiting class. 

Here are all 10 of McKendree's All-American transfers over the past year along with their former schools and college credentials. The below list includes seven college national titles, nine appearances in the national finals, and 18 All-American honors over three divisions (WCWA, NCWWC, and NAIA). 

Are there more to come? 

Emily Shilson (Augsburg)
2020 WCWA champion
2020 NCWWC champion
2021 NCWWC champion
2022 NCWWC champion
2023 NCWWC champion

Olivia Shore (Tiffin)
2022 NCWWC champion

Julia Vidallon (Life)
2020 WCWA champion
Runner-up at the 2021 NAIA Championships
Sixth at the 2022 NAIA Championships

Salyna Shotwell (Life)
Runner-up at the 2022 NAIA Championships

Tristan Kelly (Colorado Mesa)
Third at 2021 NCWWCs

Sophia Mirabella (King)
Fourth at 2021 NCWWCs

Solana Mottola (Tiffin)
Fifth at the 2022 NCWWCs

Faith Cole (Iowa Wesleyan)
Sixth at the 2023 NAIA Championships

Nichole Moore (Baker)
Sixth at the 2021 NAIA Championships
Fifth at the 2022 NAIA Championships

Viktorya Torres (King)
Fifth at 2022 NCWWCs
Seventh at 2023 NWWCs

How many women’s college national championships are there?

Below is a guide to the different national college women’s championships since 2004. 

WCWA — Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association
This organization was created in 2004 to provide women an opportunity to compete. It included all divisions and the end-of-the-year tournament was considered the college national championship. The final WCWA championship was held in 2020. 

NAIA — National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
An NAIA invitational was held in 2019, canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19, and resumed in 2021. The 2023 NAIA Championships were the first officially sanctioned women’s collegiate national championship. 

NCWWC — National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships
This division includes all NCAA programs (D1, D2, and D3), and the first national championship was held in 2020. NCAA women’s wrestling is currently an emerging sport.