Corruption? Olympic Officials Ejected


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It was a wild first session on the last day of wrestling. Willie and CP break down all the craziness and possible corruption.

Iran's Rezi Yazdani had what was a clear takedown - not once, but twice - that wasn't called. And perhaps more disturbing was Franklin Gomez (PR) getting a raw deal in his quarterfinal.

The calls themselves were head scratchers, but the procedure and actions of the officials were completely out of protocol.

United World Wrestling's T.R. Foley tweeted that the officials were being reprimanded. 

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FloWrestling will continue to report on this as there are further developments.

Kyle Snyder will wrestle for an Olympic Gold Medal against 2x Olympic Bronze Medalist Khetag Gazyumov of Azerbaijan while Frank Molinaro wrestles through repechage.

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