2022-23 Illinois High School Class 3A Rankings

285 pounds

This weight joins the ranks of having no clear front-runner. Barrett drops from the top spot after his first in-state loss against a 2A opponent but picks up a win over Simakov, cementing himself as a contender. Krupa was inactive but has the strongest in-state body of work thus far at this weight. Schmitt, a Fargo qualifier, is the most credentialed. Rulo, who is just a freshman, has quietly put together a very impressive season as well. It's unclear how this weight will shake out over the next month but one can be sure that there will be plenty of bear hugs and headlocks as it plays out!

Barrett over Simakov for third at Illini, while both won their respective conferences. Bielawski won Arlis. Lambaz won Upstate. Scheck won CCL. Rulo won Lahey.

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