2022-23 Illinois High School Class 2A Rankings

120 pounds

Sims and Vazquez met at Ironman in a close match won by Sims. Much like with 113, the finals can bring us another installment between these two. Evans has quietly put together a very strong campaign as have White, Racey, Walker and Turner.  All have the ability to punch their ticket to Saturday night as well but to do so they will need to get past two very battle-tested combatants.

Notable regional results and finishes: Sims (1), Vazquez (1) and Scholl (2), White (1), Walker (1), Turner (2), Evans (1) and Villalobos (2), McGhee (1), Luif (1), Reddy (1), Armstrong (1).

Is there a result we might have missed? A college commitment or weight change we didn’t catch? Let us know by emailing us at rankings@flowrestling.tv and include Illinois HS rankings in the subject line. 

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