2022 World Championship Rankings - Men's Freestyle

79 - Jordan Burroughs

Jordan Burroughs made his 11th world/Olympic team with 2 wins over Chance Marsteller at Final X NYC. Burroughs also won his fifth world title last October in Oslo and is a heavy favorite at this year's world championships in Serbia. Burrough's main challenger will be found in whoever Iran chooses as their rep between Mohammad Nokhodi and Ali Savadkoui. Burroughs had a controlling, 5-1 victory over Nokhodi in last year's world finals but had a much closer match against Savadkoui at the Yasar Dogu in February. In that match, Burroughs was trailing on criteria late in the second period before Savadkoui was hit with a penalty for grabbing Burroughs' singlet, putting him ahead for the 2-1 win. 

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