2022 Domestic Women's Freestyle Rankings

65 kilograms

A few notes on the rankings:

1. There’s been a lot U.S. women active on the international scene since the last ranking in early July, with U20 Pan Ams and a series of UWW Senior-circuit tournaments. Some of the results are relevant because of how someone performed against the international field, but there are also significant domestic head-to-head results that happened at international tournaments. For example, Alisha Howk jumped two spots at 55 kg after gettings wins over #3 (at 55 kg) Lauren Mason and #3 (at 57 kg) Adriana Dorado-Marin in Spain.

2. Welcome to Seniors! We were able to add some U20 up-and-comers to the Senior rankings and watchlists because recently they hit the Senior map by competing in international Senior level tournaments. For example, 53 kg Katie Gomez, 57 kg Sofia Macaluso, 59 kg SaVannah Cosme, 65 kg Reese Larramendy, and 68 kg Destiny Rodriguez all competed at the Grand Prix in Spain. We made room for these young stars this round.

2021 Cadet world champ Katie Gomez lands at #9 in her first appearance in the Senior rankings. She nearly upset #3 Felicity Taylor in Spain last month. Sofia Macaluso hit the rankings at #6 at 57 kg. The #1 ranked high school wrestler already had wins over previous #7 Carolina Moreno (the 2021 NAIA champ) and #8 Claire DiCugno (NCAA All-American). At 59 kg, high school talent SaVannah Cosme hit the rankings at #5 with two wins over previous #5 Nanea Estrella. We also made an exception for Skylar Hattendorf at 62 kg, as she has significant wins over ranked Senior women, performed well at U20 Pan Ams, and has proven to belong in this field with her body of work. She enters the scene at #9. At 65 kg, Wyoming Seminary hammer Reese Larramendy makes her appearance at #6, as she had a win over previous #6 Maya Letona at U20 Nationals in May. At 68 kg, 2021 Fargo champ Destiny Rodriguez sneaks in at #10 in her Senior rankings debut.

3. There’s a new #1 at 76kg as #2 Yelena Makoyed defeated World teamer Dymond Guilford in the finals of the Zouhaier Sghaier in Tunisia. Guilford had beaten her 5-2 in earlier rounds, but Makoyed won the final 7-6. These two have gone back and forth over the last few years, giving women’s wrestling fans and fun new rivalry to watch. Makoyed has been on fire since hitting the international scene, taking gold in Rome, Tunisia, and Spain. Impressive.

4. Also, keep in mind that the Kayla Miracle vs. Jennifer Rogers wrestle-off for the 62 kg World team spot is coming up August 13th in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. If Rogers pulls off the upset win, that would upset the apple cart at that weight. Miracle delayed the match —originally slated at Final X — to recover from an injury.

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