2021-22 Dan Hodge Trophy Rankings

2021-22 Dan Hodge Trophy Rankings

As a reminder, the Dan Hodge Trophy has set criteria to determine who the winner should be. They are as follows:

  1. Record

  2. Number of pins

  3. Dominance

  4. Past credentials

  5. Quality of competition

  6. Sportsmanship/citizenship

  7. Heart

We're getting down to the nitty-gritty. The 21 remaining ranked wrestlers are the last remaining undefeated wrestlers in Div I wrestling.

Yianni made a big jump time jump since the last update. The 2X NCAA champ increased his bonus rate by 16% and five pins in the process. In addition to having more past credentials than Keegan O'Toole and Sebastian Rivera, Yianni has equal if not better quality of competition with wins over guys like Sammy Sasso, Ridge Lovett, and Jaden Abas.

It's the quality of competition that is keeping Aaron Brooks ahead of David Carr despite Carr having a slightly higher bonus rate and dominance score.

Trent Hidlay made the biggest jump of anyone the past few weeks going from #22 to #7. The NC State wrestler now has the third-highest bonus rate and second-highest bonus rate in the NCAA.

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