2021-22 Dan Hodge Trophy Rankings

2021-22 Dan Hodge Trophy Rankings

As a reminder, the Dan Hodge Trophy has set criteria to determine who the winner should be. They are as follows:

  1. Record

  2. Number of pins

  3. Dominance

  4. Past credentials

  5. Quality of competition

  6. Sportsmanship/citizenship

  7. Heart

The return of Gable. The Gopher heavyweight is back on top after a brief hiatus behind Keegan O'Toole. Sorry to all the Missouri fans, but if Gable wrestles out the remainder of his schedule and continues majoring and teching everyone, he will win the Dan Hodge Trophy Award despite the lack of pins.

Now #3 Mason Parris and #4 Sebastian Rivera are a few of the only other wrestlers to have 100% bonus rates this season. As does Nick Suriano, who comes in at #24 due to his lack of matches at this point in the season. Michael Kemerer also makes his debut with a 75% bonus rate in his first four matches.

Iowa State's David Carr made a decent jump from 12 to 6 by going 3-for-3 with 3 pins since the last update.

Freshman phenom DJ Hamiti continues to climb the ranks by putting up big numbers against everyone in his path. Unfortunately, his next big test won't come until February 5th when Iowa and Alex Marinelli come to Lincoln.

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