2021-22 NCAA DI Rankings

David 'Here in my' Carr 'I feel safest of all'

The top three of Carr, O'Connor and Deakin makes this one of the most top-heavy divisions in the NCAA. AOC and Carr are both 2021 champs and Deakin is a seasoned veteran who has lost just once in the last two seasons. 

Two All-American contenders we haven't seen in a while (for different reasons) are Quincy Monday (Ivy League season cancelation) and Josh Humphreys (injured). Monday has wins over Young and Coleman from two seasons ago but lost to Humphreys in the finals of EIWAs which keeps him from being reinserted into the ranking any higher. Humphreys has the win over Monday working in his favor but was also beaten by Monday twice that year and lacks other marquee wins to move him any higher. 

Slimming down a division is Nebraska's Peyton Robb, who slots in right about where he was at 165 at the end of last season. 

Colton Yapoujian is another Ivy Leaguer with sky-high potential that is welcomed back to the rankings. Yapoujian defeated Markus Hartman in 2019 but doesn't have a surfeit of big wins otherwise. 

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