2021-22 NCAA DI Rankings


Another season is nigh upon us, and as such, Flo's preseason rankings are long overdue. But they are here now, blown deadlines notwithstanding! 

This year, we're starting with the pound-for-pound rankings.

Please note, P4P rankings involve slightly different criteria than individual weight-class rankings. P4P weights career accomplishments and dominance more heavily and are less prone to seasonal fluctuations. They are more robust, if you will. So do not be surprised if a wrestler is placed above another wrestler in P4P, but below the same wrestler in the weight-class rankings. It happens!

Spencer and Gable are the two biggest names in collegiate wrestling, and they back up those lofty expectations with titles and an insane bonus rate. Hence their topping the P4P list. 

Yianni is back after taking an Olympic redshirt in 2020 and a covid redshirt in 2021 (which are both unofficial, non-technical terms btw), but his two NCAA titles are good enough for third. 

All the other returning NCAA champs make the list as well. Those with fewer blemishes on their record end up a little closer to the top. 

Despite having not yet won a title,  Michael Kemerer and Myles Amine are ahead of a couple of NCAA champs thanks to their sterling pedigrees. Neither ever finished lower than fourth on the NCAA podium. 

The return of Micic, Wick & Dean to the college season means we have left off some incredibly accomplished wrestlers from our top 20, such as Hayden Hidlay, Sebastian Rivera, Ryan Deakin, and many, many other deserving hammers. But with so many studs back in action, it's only a matter of time before this list gets shaken up. 

And that action can't come soon enough. With covid severely limiting last year's competitions, and freestyle results still not being factored in, there are fewer common opponents and relevant historical results than ever. So believe us when we say we are ready for the season to begin!

Do you have questions or comments for the rankers? We welcome and encourage your feedback. Hit up Andrew Spey (email: Andrew.Spey@flosports.tv; Twitter: @SpeyWrestle) and JD Rader (email: jd.rader@flosports.tv; Twitter: @rader_jd)

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