2021-22 National Girls High School Rankings


USA Wrestling, FloWrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum have released the January 2022 rankings for high school girls wrestlers for the 2021-22 season. This national ranking evaluates all girls enrolled in grades 8-12, and athletes from all 50 states are eligible for selection.

We are currently in the middle of the high school wrestling season, and a majority of U.S. high school women wrestlers are competing either for their girls wrestling team or their boys wrestling team.

This ranking has evaluated results from the major girls high school in-season tournaments held at the state and local levels, along with a few competitions outside of the high school athletics structure. In addition, the state girls wrestling rankings were considered. 

The first of the girls state high school championships was held in Alaska in December. There will be a few of the unofficial girls state tournaments held in January, with the majority of the state meets set for February and early March.

The biggest changes in the rankings came based upon the weight classes where the ranked wrestlers are competing during the high school season so far. A number of wrestlers have been moved to a different weight class because of their in-season competition. 

New No. 1 ranked wrestlers since the November 2021 rankings are Hanna Errthum of Wisconsin at 132 pounds and Reese Larramendy of Nevada (and Wyoming Seminary of Pennsylvania) at 144 pounds. 

The Pound-For-Pound (P-4-P) rankings were also updated. There was no change in the top 11 athletes, and only minimal adjustments among the top 25. There are two new athletes in the P-4-P, Sofia Macaluso of New York (No. 24) and Savannah Gomez of California (No. 25).

Because of the increased depth and growth of girls high school wrestling in the United States, the selection committee has decided to add honorable mention athletes at each weight class, based upon merit. The committee will add between one and five honorable mentions at a specific weight class. There were 44 wrestlers given honorable mention status in the January ranking. The goal of the committee is to develop the rankings to eventually include 30 athletes in each weight class. 

The next National Girls High School Ranking will be in February, with some additional high school state tournaments included as well as updates from the January competitions.

The committee is seeking input from leaders on the state level, with information on the strongest high school girls regular season tournaments on the state and regional level. In addition, information on athletes who score a ranked win (a victory over a ranked wrestler) is also appreciated. 

Coaches, parents and athletes are encouraged to provide information about specific athletes and their achievements throughout the year for the committee to consider. If they have information on specific girls who should be considered for ranking or updates on their achievements, please send it by email to girlsrankings@usawrestling.org. The quality of these rankings continue to improve as people choose to share updated information.

1Kylie WelkerSRWaterfordWis.Waterford Union High School1 at 164
2Amit ElorSRConcordCalif.College Park High School1 at 152
3Kennedy BladesSRBroadviewIll.Wyoming Seminary2 at 164
4Katie GomezSRVan NuysCalif.Birmingham High School1 at 122
5Korina BladesSRBroadviewIll.Wyoming Seminary1 at 138
6Lillian FreitasSRModestoCalif.Wyoming Seminary3 at 164
7Audrey JimenezSOTucsonAriz.Sunnyside High School1 at 106
8Savannah CosmeSRDenverColo.Pomona High School1 at 127
9Shelby MooreJRBuckleyWash.White River High School2 at 127
10Eliana BommaritoSRBrightonMich.Hartland High School 1 at 225
11Skylar HattendorfSRHooksetN.H.Bow High School2 at 138
12Destiny RodriguezJRWest LinnOre.West Linn High School2 at 152
13Jasmine RobinsonSOAllenTexasAllen High School3 at 152
14Brianna GonzalezSRBaldwin ParkCalif.Arroyo High School1 at 100
15Jaclyn DehneyJRPelhamN.H.Central Catholic High School1 at 117
16Sam CalkinsSRBrentwoodCalif.Liberty High School1 at 200
17Sabrina NaussSOBrightonMich.Brighton High School1 at 180
18Ava WardFRCentraliaMo.Centerline High School2 at 100
19Reese LarramendySRRenoNev.Wyoming Seminary1 at 144
20Paige MoralesJRClovisCalif.Central High School2 at 106
21Riley DempewolfSRLafayetteInd.McCutcheon High School2 at 200
22Cadence DiduchFRFreeportIll.Dakota Wrestling Club2 at 117
23Ella PagelFRNerstrandMinn.Northfield High School2 at 180
24Sofia MacalusoSRMinisinkN.Y.Minisink Valley High School3 at 127
25Savannah GomezJRCalexicoCalif.Brawley Union High School3 at 138